Uxbridge Employment Saves £35,000 a Year with Bond Adapt

Bond Adapt Logo 200x200Liz Penemo, Systems Administrator at Uxbridge Employment, comments, “Through using Bond Adapt, we are able to match candidate CVs to job vacancies, create candidate shortlists and arrange interview details in far less time than with our previous infrastructure. This is mainly because of the intelligence of the software, as extracting data and matching vacancies to candidates was previously a very manual process, whereas now Bond Adapt automates so much of what we used to spend so much time doing ourselves.”

Penemo continues, “With Bond Adapt, rather than having to update individual records each time an action was completed as we did previously, our activity and progress is recorded in the relevant reports automatically. As a result, we are able to track the performance of individual consultants and teams far easier and to far more granular detail. Following our adoption of Bond Adapt, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of manual administration being carried out by the team, which equates to annual savings of approximately £35,000.”

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