Utilising Online CRM Software to Enhance Decision Making

CRMnewspaperThe way in which candidates and recruiters are communicating has changed dramatically – in an era now dominated by ubiquitous, increasingly mobile access to information at any time of day or night, speed is of great importance. In this blog Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, looks at the need to understand how the abundance of online candidate information, from social media to job boards, affects the way recruitment agencies make decisions.

The only way to take control of the complex mix of online and offline data sources is with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that can effectively manage information value.

The objective is to create a seamless, efficient, yet highly visible process across the organisation. Just consider, if a company does not have a single source of accurate, in depth candidate data, accessed through the CRM, how would it manage the overwhelming amount of data available? Or handle the exit process if a consultant left? Who would own this candidate-client relationship?

The right CRM delivers a single, central resource that effectively manages on and offline information, enabling consultants to rapidly identify and maximise the most valuable business development opportunities. Below are a few ways this can be achieved:

  •   Recording and sharing leads across teams and offices.
  •   Sourcing, tracking and recording candidate information.
  •   Utilising key, valuable commercial information and leveraging relationships, ensuring business continuity.

Resourcing technology continuously evolves to deliver richer, smarter results – with recent innovations including true contextual and federated searching. Regularly reviewing current CRM resourcing capabilities and investing in the right areas will deliver substantial returns – with this in mind we must remember best practice is not a given.

Organisations need to continually assess and review their opportunities to streamline processes. Companies continually extending the way the CRM is used across the business are transforming effectiveness, boosting competitiveness and adding business value – for all the above reasons the CRM should be the hub of all your recruitment activity.

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