Uncertain beginning to the quarter could drive contingent staffing

How positive are you about the future strength of the staffing industry? It seems that many executives are hesitant about the future economic outlook of the nation and maybe even their own organizations. In fact, the prevailing mood is down enough that many corporations are lowering their 2013 financial forecasts and decreasing the number of hires they are planning to make this year.

The Wall Street Journal reports that fourth-quarter operating earnings from 2012 more than overcame forecast expectation. However, despite the good feelings accruing from this positive news, many companies are warning that the first quarter of 2013 will be more challenging. With that in mind, 63 S&P organizations have decreased their earnings forecast. In addition, the lack of confidence is leading to a decrease in investments, which is signaling a potential drop-off in revenue opportunities.

This general lack of confidence is a good thing for the staffing industry. When there is doubt companies will use temporary employees instead of hiring fulltime employees. This gives them the flexibility they need to fulfill the increased demand but react quickly if business slows. If the business climate continues to improve they have ready trained and proven employees that can be quickly and easily brought on board as full time associates.

From what I hear staffing firms definitely have more orders on their desk than last year and they are scrambling to fill these orders. Are you ready to handle the demand, where are you finding your best candidates? Now is a great time for the industry to grow and exceed prior levels of contingent staffing penetration. As a staffing software provider we are always focused on helping match great candidates to great opportunities. We are ready…. Are you?

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