Two top technology upgrades for your business

How do you feel when there is a tech glitch at work? If you’re like me you probably get pretty frustrated. You don’t have time to have your laptop out of commission! You don’t have time to wait on an internet page or document to slowly load! As the popular phrase goes, time is money and technology is what allows us to do our jobs effectively, which is why malfunctioning technology can have such a negative impact.

According to a new survey from Brother International Corporation, small business owners claim that technology gone wrong is a leading cause of stress in the workplace. The study found that 75 percent of small business owners find a crashed computer more disruptive than a sick employee. Another 77 percent of survey respondents report that tech malfunctions have negatively impacted their company in the form of a missed deadline or business opportunity.

With technology playing such a crucial role in the success of a business, it’s important for all of you at temporary staffing firms and recruiting agencies to understand the technology advances, support systems and programs that will improve efficiency and decrease the likelihood of disruptions. Here are two of the technology trends you should be on the lookout for in 2013:

1) Cloud computing. Yes, yes, you’ve probably heard about how important the cloud is for your business, but let’s reiterate again – it’s important for your business! Entrepreneur Magazine reports that the cloud offers more competency measures than any business system can provide. More importantly, it can fully and reliably support your recruitment and staffing software and can give anyone working on a project access to shared documents and data. Also, let’s not forget that the cloud is accessible on any internet-connected device. If you have a sudden idea while traveling for business, you can access the cloud from your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet – it’s just that easy.

However, many businesses have expressed reluctance to integrating the cloud into their business procedures because managers don’t fully understand it. According to the Brother International Corporation survey, only 28 percent of small business owners claim to understand the concept of cloud computing. Another 42 percent of respondents report they are not using the cloud, 35 percent are only using it for data storage, 21 percent are using it for document management and 17 percent are using it for customer relations management, accounting and human resources.

Despite cloud computing being one of the top tech developments of the decade, many small- and medium-sized business owners are just not incorporating the system and, as a result, are maintaining their inefficient work practices and missing opportunities to reduce their operational and service delivery costs.

2) Gigabit Networking. How fast is your system? If you’re still working on an Ethernet speed of 100 Mbps you should consider an upgrade. According to CIO magazine, investing in Gigabit Ethernet will improve your browsing and maneuvering speed 10-fold. The system is so fast that a large file transfer that took 15 minutes to complete before at 100 Mbps will take less than two minutes when transferred in a 1,000 Mbps system, reports the source.

However, improved file transfer speed is just one benefit. Having more network speed will increase your effectiveness at work, allow you to access files, view data stored in the cloud and enable you to increase productivity and decrease stress. Skip the hassle of waiting for a document to transfer or load and invest in the right network capabilities to better leverage every system.

When taken together, these two technologies can provide your staffing or recruiting firm with a solid, highly responsive foundation for your staffing and recruiting software as well as speed you through your daily tasks. And, as I noted at the beginning of this blog, time is money. So don’t waste any of it.

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