Top Dogs: Our Experts Offer Their Favorite Recruiting Strategies

Our “Top Dogs” Offer Recruiting StrategiesAlthough the average Twitter user spends almost three hours a month on that network, busy recruiters who are prepping for the morning meeting, tracking their submittals in their recruiting software and checking out the latest laugh-out-loud dog memes likely don’t have the time.

To help you get the most out of Twitter, we created our list of the top recruiting experts who you can follow for insight and advice that helps you grow in your career. This month we’re highlighting advice from these “Top Dogs” on topics from staying organized to connecting with potential candidates at conferences. Instead of spending three hours on Twitter looking for the best recruiting strategies, you can scan them here in about three minutes.

And since you spend part of your workday chuckling at the latest pet memes, here are some entertaining ones. Fetch!


squirrelSniff Out the Details – Take Time to Research

@Work_GR – Miles Alters

“Knowing the job description is not enough; you must know the job. What is an actual day like in that position? Searching keywords on Monster or CareerBuilder will pull thousands of resumes for the job description yet may not yield one person great for the day-to-day job. If you know intangible soft skills that make a person a great candidate for the position then focus on those skills during the search.”  



gate-openHeel! Stay! – Remember the Basics

@blogging4jobs – Jessica Miller-Merrell

“Organize and plan your day. Keep a detailed calendar and focus on hitting certain targets to meet sourcing and recruiting specific goals.”    



selfiePlay Outside – Maximize Conferences

@shally – Shally Steckerl

“To source candidates from conferences – people who attended or presented at conferences can not only be prospects, but also fabulous networking connections who can introduce you to others they met at that event, even those who don’t have much of a social footprint.”



wont-throw-itselfPlay Nice at the Dog Park – Connect with Prospects

@Work_GR – Miles Alters

“Treat every person you interact with as if they will be the most important business contact of your career.  Why? Because they may be or one of their referrals may be the most important. Referrals are your bread and butter. Your Lifeblood. Your secret sauce.  Word of mouth spreads like wildfire. When you’re a good recruiter or good employer and you ask others for referrals you will receive quality candidates. However, when you’re a GREAT recruiter/employer, people come to you.”


fasterInvisible Fences – Know Your Technology

@mattcharney – Matt Charney

“To reach mobile job seekers, source their number and use the phone part of a mobile device. It’s amazing but it still works – and is easier to reach them.”


diguise-masterDon’t Bark Without Purpose – Pinpoint Content

@WinningImpress – Katrina Collier

“If you are going to add social media to your current recruitment methods, find the right social network to find the right people for your clients. Then remember that it’s social and not an advertising platform. You want to create a profile that represents you, share great content, engage as you would in real life, and pay it forward, then when you do very occasionally share a job, your followers will be happy to share it.”


cheeseGood Boy! – Value Personal Connection

@greg_savage – Greg Savage

“Please don’t confuse candidate identification (via technology often) with candidate recruitment, via human beings (always).”


let-me-inUse Your Stellar Hearing – Search out Connections

@shally – Shally Steckerl

More on sourcing candidates at conferences, “For example, use to find #hashtags about a specific event or conference, then use and to find tweets from people mentioning or participating in the event. You can also find folks who attended, were following or spoke at specific events by searching the listings at destinations such as,, and which has a neat index of speakers by topic.”

Take it from our “Top Dogs” in recruiting. Apply their recruiting strategies, save yourself three hours and find five great JAVA developers. Then go reward yourself with a doggy snack! Good boy!

For more expert advice, check out our recruiting and staffing software resource download center, which is full of in-depth whitepapers, webinars, e-Books and more.  

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