The Top 15 Recruiting Experts to Follow on Twitter

Take the 20 percent of US adults who use Twitter, add in 9,100 tweets per second and that equals one great big pool of people, posts, advice and information. Recruiters hustling between candidate interviews, scouring responses from job board postings and contacting clients about new talent have limited time to check out their Twitter feeds. Those who hop on periodically can get valuable recruiting advice and insight from recruiting experts — if they know whom to follow.

With that in mind, I’ve created this list of the top recruiting experts on Twitter to be a beneficial starting point for recruiters, who can follow recruiting experts, tweet them questions and use that input and advice to grow their careers. From tips on recruiting passive talent to strategies on using high-tech solutions and recruiting software, these experts do the research and pass along their best practices so recruiters everywhere can benefit. Here’s my list!

Active Recruiting Experts on Twitter

1. @greg_savage | Greg Savage

Tweets about: Recruiting strategies, KPIs, challenges and tips — such as how to manage candidates’ salary expectations.
Followers: 34,500

 2. @Blogging4jobs | Jessica Miller-Merrell

Tweets about: Recruiting and HR tactics, how to stay resilient and tips for staying organized while recruiting.
Followers: 111,000

 3. @LouA | Lou Adler

Tweets about: Avoiding hiring mistakes, pinpointing a candidate’s motivation and recruiting passive talent, including, “Recruiters, find out how to make better hires more quickly.”
Followers: 5,960

 4. @jimstroud | Jim Stroud

Tweets about: Social recruiting and finding top performers, including through internal recruitment and by seeking diversity on your team.
Followers: 21,600

 5. @shally | Shally Steckerl

Tweets about: Recruitment best practices, improving recruiting processes and how to become better at making judgments about talent.
Followers: 19,900

 6. @TheRecruiterGuy | Chris Hoyt

Tweets about: Lessons from what other companies are doing to improve their recruiting, industry news and how to recruit elusive “top talent.”
Followers: 22,800

 7. @FishDogs | Craig Fisher

Tweets about: Recruitment sales advice, insight into dealing with professional challenges and statistics such as, “80% of job seekers expect to be able to apply to a job from their phone.”
Followers: 67,500

 8. @LevyRecruits | Steve Levy

Tweets about: Using social media to recruit, the latest technologies, and recruiting for high-tech areas. He also answers questions from job seekers and recruiters.
Followers: 15.3k

 9.  @MeghanMBiro | Meghan M. Biro

Tweets about: Using Twitter to boost your business, specific social tips such as how to get the most out of your LinkedIn photos and the best use of blogs.
Followers: 78,400

 10. @bryanchaney | Bryan Chaney

Tweets about: Creating candidate pipelines, utilizing social engagement, thinking creatively to be a more effective recruiter and topics such as “Startup companies hate recruiting, how can we make it better?”
Followers: 7,994

 11. @WinningImpress | Katrina Collier

Tweets about: Specific ways to use social media to recruit, including advice about using Twitter tools, LinkedIn and other social tactics.
Followers: 2,507

 12. @Work_GR | Miles Alters

Tweets about: Insightful questions to ask candidates, how to find top talent and tactics for growing careers in recruiting.
Followers: 2209

 13. @SIADailyNews | Staffing Industry Analysts

Tweets about: The contingent workforce in North America and around the world, economic trends that affect the staffing industry and recruitment markets.
Followers: 719

 14. @mattcharney | Matt Charney

Tweets about: Conducting more insightful interviews, tightening up job descriptions, mobile job seekers and topics such as, “Why Candidate Experience is More Than Another BS Buzzword.”
Followers: 8,850

 15. @Josh_Bersin | Josh Bersin

Tweets about: Mobile recruiting, workplace culture, building a Twitter following and talent management recruiting software.
Followers: 20,200

These recruiting experts have valuable insight to share, from big picture encouragement to pinpointed tactics for using LinkedIn to find STEM candidates. By following them on Twitter, recruiters can adopt what’s relevant and stay on top of industry trends to grow their careers and their business.

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