Three ways to make recruitment software training engaging

trainingLet’s be honest, it can be difficult to make recruitment software training interesting, especially when you have a group of individuals who would rather be someplace else.  Getting the right mix of engaging material yet establishing an informative basis to maximise training can be tricky.

So how do you turn a course from drab to fab?

1. Set the scene

At the start of every course, the trainer should set the scene. We are not talking about running through agendas or objectives, but giving the attendees a sample of the experience they are about to have.

Consider some of the questions they may have:

  • What is my trainer like?
  • I am in training for a few days and have a lot to learn but is my course going to be dry?
  • Will the instructor be approachable if I struggle to understand?
  • Can I ask questions?
  • Can I play around with the system whilst they are talking?

The first 5 minutes of your training session is just as important as the overall course.  Having a fun and friendly attitude can give you that positive start.  Make your delegates feel at ease, they are all here for the same reason and that’s to learn.  Reassure them that it can also be fun too. Build a rapport with your group, ask them why they are here and what they would like to learn from the course. Introduce a little humour and show that you are human whilst keeping your attitude professional.  Engaging in these new relationships early will clear the path for a fun and informative learning experience.

2. Creative exercises

We are not talking about exercises in the physical sense, so don’t put on your joggers just yet! Exercises are used to help break up course content and help the student take their new found knowledge and put it to practice. In software training, we try to make our exercises relevant to the course and the learner. The key here is to make them fun.  Handing out a bullet point list of activities isn’t enticing to everyone, so perhaps change your tactic?

Simple ‘Where am I’ exercises help delegates explore a database on their own as they would do if they were at their desk. Why not incorporate games into the training session? Use a game like Blockbusters as a visual reminder of the elements covered in a course. For example, What E is a button that allows users to add or delete information in a record? Edit! Are you short on time? Try including quick quiz rounds at the end of each session, limiting the group to 5 questions relating to the last topic.  This gives you a general overview of how well the training was received and keeps your delegates on their toes.  For those who are struggling in your course, try separating the group into teams so they can work together.  Two heads are always better than one.

3. Story telling

Everyone loves a good story don’t they?  Do you remember the time when we visited that client but took down the wrong address and ended up on the other side of London and got stuck in the rain?  Of course you would remember that, so why not tie that into your training? You could avoid this situation if you ran the ‘Show Map’’ action and printed directions? Stories engage the brain and our emotions which can have a lasting impact outside of the course.

As humans, we tend to retain just a small percentage of everything we learn the first time around.

Using these simple techniques can make a training course memorable, giving the delegate a fun and happy experience but also one that has fulfilled their objectives and hopefully extended that percentage further.

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