Three reasons why it’s important to talk to your contingent workers

Do you believe it is important to regularly talk to your contingent workers? Well, I don’t know how you personally feel about the matter, but I’ll give you three reasons why I believe it’s an important part of the job. For a staffing professional like you, I know that taking the time to chat to a worker who isn’t being prepared for an interview may not always be your top priority.

First, while happiness in the workplace is largely an inside matter and not in your control, by talking with a person about his or her role at a company you can learn important information and potentially help make an individual view his or her job more positively.

Regularly calling the contingent worker that you placed will make them feel valued and boost morale. This can help a worker view his or her experience more positively and determine how you score them in your recruiting software database as a viable option for a future assignment.

Second, as a staffing professional, you can also gain valuable insight into the inner workings of an organization by regularly communicating with a worker you placed. Consider the merits of learning how a client’s organization works from the inside – you might glean details that could help you staff other positions with the right candidates.

Third, the time you spend talking to your contingent employees can also pay off in their perceptions of you and your staffing and recruiting firm. The more that you reinforce the positive nature of your relationships with them, the more likely they are to refer their friends and acquaintances to your firm. And as you well know, referrals are often the most valuable source for candidates and contingent employees.

So, spend a little time on the phone with your contingent workers, and reap the benefits.

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