The Benefits of a 24×7 Mobile Recruitment Model

MobileTHUMBThe recruitment industry is rapidly becoming mobile enabled. But what does that mean? From changing the candidate experience to improving client relationships and transforming the productivity of consultants, agencies have a number of ways of utilising mobile recruitment technologies.

Real time access to all CRM data anytime anywhere via mobile provides significant opportunities to transform client interactions. From using a client company hyperlink to get a map and directions, to enabling access to a full candidate database when in a client meeting; the way consultants engage with clients can take significant steps forward.

Mobile technologies will provide consultancies with the chance to improve market share:

In multi-agency competitive situations, the first past the post wins – consultants using mobile technologies to track candidate activity and introduce new individuals to clients first will steal a march over the competition.

  • Where the client may require a candidate within hours – and certainly within days –the creation of an automated, end to end process that enables real time provision of candidates for temporary jobs or short term contracts provides a clear commercial advantage.
  • European expansion – growing numbers of UK agencies are looking to move into the less mature European market. Using mobile to provide seamless access to candidate information in any location and introduce proactive recruitment activity will open up significant commercial opportunities.

Mobile technologies are essential to support the changing working environment. And with the flexible working environment increasingly dominating – can a recruitment agency really afford to wait until 9am on Monday morning?

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