SaaS contingency workforce software firm receives further recognition for its game-changing recruitment platform and worker app.

DUBLIN – 19 January 2016 – TempBuddy has been named the winner of the Outstanding New Product/Service category at the 2015 Global Business Excellence Awards.

The Global Business Excellence Awards pride themselves on having a large panel of independent expert judges who select winners according to strict criteria for each category and sector focussing on financial results, innovation, customer, employee, investor and community benefits.

The chairman of the judges said: “we congratulate Tempbuddy on transforming the temporary recruitment process with its contingent workforce software platform that brings staff availability, deployment, compliance and billing together in one place. Previously recruiters spent hours searching databases for staff and now all it takes is one-click to see who’s available. Temporary workers simply use a mobile app to update recruiters on their availability. With the temporary job market set to expand rapidly across the world, Tempbuddy’s arrived at just the right time. It has already attracted users in three continents and is positioned to be a leading global player.”

Upon receiving the award, Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy, commented: “we’re thrilled to be recognised with this coveted award that’s testament to the unique software we’ve developed to make recruiters’, clients’ and workers’ lives easier and more productive.

Coming hot on the heels of our shortlist  in the Most Promising Start-Up category of the 2015-16 Cloud Awards, and the imminent launch of a pilot with one of the UK’s top 5 recruiters, the New Year is off to a strong start.”

By changing the dynamics of the recruitment process and using the mobile devices we already have in our pockets to ensure its broad appeal and adoption by workers, TempBuddy delivers a game-changing workforce platform. The SaaS software has been developed with a candidate-centric mobile-first approach giving agencies unparalleled access to their compliant talent pool. Once pay rates and rules are uploaded the data captured by the simple check-in and out process translates into digital timesheets, automating and driving the pay and bill process. This removes the onerous completion and chasing of weekly timesheets, preventing error and time fraud through per second billing accuracy.

The chairman of The Global Business Excellence Awards continued: “the awards attract a wide range of entries from across the world, from large international PLCs and public sector organisations to dynamic and innovative SMEs. The winners all have one thing in common – they are truly outstanding at what they do and Tempbuddy has proved this by winning a Global Business Excellence Award.”