TempBuddy Launches In-App Signing
of E-Timesheets

SaaS contingency workforce software further enhanced with the world’s first ever in-app esignature delivering fully automated timesheets.

DUBLIN – 22 February 2016 – TempBuddy announces the release of its new e-signature feature facilitating the immediate on-site authorisation of hours worked. Whereas paper-based timesheets are liable to human error during input, in-app signature simplifies the whole authorisation process. The entire user experience is improved with recruiters and clients relieved of onerous timesheet chasing, whilst the worker is paid promptly and accurately.

E-signatures are commonly used for securely signing off documents that are created using cloud-based software. It’s a tool widely adopted in logistics, however, the recruitment industry has until now failed to exploit the advantages. Following swiftly after its Zapier integration announced earlier this month, TempBuddy further revolutionises the contingent staffing spectrum with the launch of  its new feature of in-app timesheet authorisation.

Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy, comments: “Smart recruitment companies are keen to embrace cloud-based software to drive more efficiencies in their business. By  eliminating many admin tasks, such as timesheet chasing that adds no value for any party, TempBuddy frees on average 12 hours of a recruiter’s working week allowing them to focus on relationship and revenue building activities. Our vision is to use technology to make flexible work easier and more rewarding for all concerned – agencies, employers and workers all benefit from an enhanced user experience.”

The feature was developed in order to help agencies who exceptionally need to get signed timesheets, rather than the automated process already offered as a result of the real-time check-in and out data captured by the TempBuddy app.  This innovation facilitates the immediate authorisation of hours worked, allowing managers to e-sign on their flexible workers’ mobile phones.

Having scooped several industry awards in its initial year of trading, TempBuddy seeks to reimagine the deployment and management of temporary workers by exploiting the ubiquity of mobile devices, plus other technological advances such as biometrics and geo-tagging. Their game-changing platform and worker app have already been adopted by users in almost 300 cities across 3 continents, and by over 30 UK recruitment companies.