Staffing Software with Social Integration Helps Uncover Diamonds In The Rough

The sounds of businesses ramping up their employee hiring are all around us these days.  The improving economy has loosened purse strings and imbued companies with a spark of optimism.

This all leads to a ramp up in increased business for those in the staffing industry. Armed with the latest in staffing software and a large talent pool, recruiting firms and staffing agencies can find job seekers at every turn. However, are they finding the best candidates for the positions?

While firms may be ready to hire they may not be prepared to pay top dollar as they re-enter the employee-building business, so staffing companies need to search carefully to find the best candidate for the right price. Using top-of-the-line staffing software, staffing professionals can ensure that they are starting with the widest pool of candidates possible and narrowing them down to the closest matches for each unique position.

One of the most important additions to staffing software capabilities is social media integration. This software can record candidates’ online profiles at social media sites to offer a better understanding of their fitness for a job. Recruiters can also easily send job postings to their own social media accounts with little effort.

When a job order comes in, staffing software can help you sift through information from your entire pool of candidates to reveal the handful of people with the treasured skills your clients seek – diamonds in the rough, just waiting to be found. I’ll let you in on a little secret: There are some particular groups within the workforce that could be hiding people with treasured skills. If you can find them, they could be incredibly valuable for you and your clients.

Where to Dig for Diamonds

  • Recent Grads – There’s lots of talk about Generation Y and Z. Yes, they’re young but they are trainable, enthusiastic and ready to work for less than their older counterparts. They’re also well-versed and deeply-immersed in online and social marketplaces. Staffing and recruiting companies can develop specific strategies – including leveraging social media – to find the next crop of great employees.
  • Displaced Workers – Spotting displaced workers takes some knowledge of markets, both geographically and historically. Staffing software can help to find people that work or live, or used to work or live, in places that experienced heavy job losses in certain industries. Perhaps a potential candidate from a suburban town is working at a less-than-impressive banking job now after losing his position as a big-city mortgage broker in 2008.  Is he worth a second look?  You bet.  Don’t be distracted by the job the candidate holds now, look at the skills he’s most likely to possess.
  • Mature Job Seekers – It’s a fact that all of us will most likely be working longer into our future than we originally planned.  The good news is that those mature workers looking for a job have plenty of knowledge to share with companies.  Older can be better in terms of problem solving, confidence and leadership.
  • Military Veterans – Finding employees with military experience is incredibly easy using staffing software as it is a field that appears on nearly every employment application. As more servicemen and women return home, they’ll be looking for jobs in the private sector.  These Americans bring a number of positives to potential employees.  They understand commitment, discipline and teamwork.  Who wouldn’t want an employee who brings all that to the table?

When you automate your processes with the right recruiting or staffing software, you are able to invest more time into finding those unique candidates who really are diamonds in the rough.

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