5 Reasons To Invest In Staffing Software Regardless of The Election Outcome

Economic Uncertainty

Those of us working in or servicing the staffing industry find ourselves on the economic front lines, and are among the first to see changes on the horizon.  And with the election this week, the outlook has perhaps never been more cloudy – as we see four more years of continued recovery or doom & gloom, depending on which way we lean and what we predict in terms of results.

With this much uncertainty, sure to spill well past November 6th, is it the ideal time for your staffing agency to even consider adding new staffing software into its budgeting plans for 2013 – or even late 2012?  As you tire of election day ads and coverage that serve spin and uncertainty, here are five straightforward reasons why the answer is ‘yes’

1. Temp Hiring To Remain Strong Regardless of Election Outcome
As I commented last week, 2013 temporary hiring will reach historic highs in certain segments, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.  A fortunate outcome of this development, in my opinion, is that strong temporary hiring is oftentimes one of the first signs of real recovery.

But we are not living in ‘oftentimes.’  The challenges of our times are new and unprecedented, and as a result, so will the surge of temporary hiring we are about to see.  And quite honestly, it will be difficult to contain the surge of 2013 temporary hiring with software built around 2009 needs.

2. Busy Holiday Hiring
reports that nearly 700,000 new retail jobs – many of them temporary – will be added for the 2012 holiday season.  While I certainly understand that staffing software selection is something that must be carefully considered, I also know firsthand that it can be quickly implemented and tested – helping you prepare for real-time needs mere weeks away.

3. You Need to Prepare
Scott Wintrip, president of Wintrip Consulting Group, president of StaffingU, named to the Staffing 100 by Staffing Industry Analysts in both 2011 and 2012, calls our economic landscape the Avoidant Economy, defined by:

“delayed decisions, fear of overhead and the permanent change in the psyche of buyers as a result of the Great Recession.”

Wintrip also sees this environment as:

“the single greatest opportunity the staffing and recruiting industry has seen in the past three decades…an unprecedented opportunity to bring value to companies and profits to your bottom line.”

And an economy this unprecedented will not change based on the results of one election.  What
can change, however, is how prepared  you are to handle this opportunity.  Again, are you preparing for 2013 with tools and software from 2009 – or are you ready to move forward with tools built during and for this current landscape?

4. Technology Investments Help You Improve
In describing how to succeed in the Avoidant Economy, Wintrip goes on to indicate that agencies “will need to be more nimble, more responsive, and more innovative.”

If you are using a software package from 2009 – can you truly make the claim that your agency is as nimble, responsive and innovative as it needs to be in 2013?

5. You Have The Information You Need
As I note above, staffing software selection is not an overnight decision.  To help you make the most informed decision for your company, I invite you to review two unbiased staffing software selection resources offered by my company:

I also invite you to register for a free demo of Bond staffing software at anytime.

Tomorrow – I encourage you to get out and vote for the candidate that you feel will best move our nation forward.  But remember, whoever wins, uncertainty continues to lie ahead.  Fortunately, it will only hurt those that are truly unprepared.  Let’s ensure this is your agency’s competition.

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