How Staffing Software and Recruiting Software Helps Find The Right Culture Fit

Routine disagreement.  A new hire just doesn’t gel, disagrees with new coworkers and openly disrespects the way things are being done.  Frequent disagreements lead to lost productivity due to the constant need for discussion to clarify issues, impacting the bottom line.

Awkward social interactions and increased tension.  When just one person is on a different page from everyone else and is not willing to make the necessary change, it puts the rest of the staff on edge.  When everyone is on edge, workflow is disrupted and when that happens, the bottom line is negatively impacted.

A culture gap that just cannot be overcome.  An otherwise stellar Generation Y candidate you recruited simply does not fit in with a more traditional employer, leaving both the employee and the company unhappy.

When you engage in the staffing process, you’re typically looking at a number of factors to determine whether the candidate fits the position well. The backbone of our company’s staffing software and recruiting software, in fact, is the built-in functionality designed to help you find candidates with the right experience, skills, education and references.

Fortunately, staffing and recruiting software can help you move beyond searching for skills, education and references – and also help you find the right culture fit for both your clients and candidates. For instance, you can:

Filter candidates with short work tenures.  How often have you come across a candidate who has held multiple jobs over a short period of time that did not reveal some underlying issue with past employers? Even if your answer is ‘no,’ would this type of candidate be worth the risk with a larger client?  Using staffing and recruiting software resume harvesting capabilities, you can parse the candidates you have on file based on custom criteria, like length of time at past jobs.

Documenting the unstated portion of candidate interviews. The answers the candidate provided were on target – but there was something about the body language and interaction style that didn’t quite feel right. Documenting this type of information in your recruiting software – and making it searchable for later – can ensure you don’t inadvertently match up a client with the wrong candidate in the future, based on answers alone.

Sorting by industry. Would your client in a traditional industry – think steel working – gel with a stellar marketing candidate who has the right qualifications but comes from a more modern online background? With the right staffing and recruiting software – you can add in or segment out these candidates based on how you answer this question.

Ultimately – the purpose of your staffing agency, and what companies like mine try to help you do, is to put people back to work. But doing so at the cost of connecting the wrong candidates with the wrong companies is simply the wrong way to accomplish this.

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