Solutions for Recruiters on the Move – Mobile Recruitment

07 July 2010

Mobile recruitment software may be in its infancy but, as Sue Weekes at Recruiter discovers, recruiters and resourcers need to be up with developments. Despite mobile devices being a perfect fit for discreet jobseeking at any time and any place, mobile recruitment has been the subject of many a false dawn. As a report from the recent Future of Mobile Recruitment (FOMR) roundtable, co-hosted by and neatly summed up, mobile devices and jobseeking have a synergy because of the “privacy, convenience and immediacy” offered by handsets but consumer behaviour remains ahead of the industry.

The tide is starting to turn, however, and with a major acknowledgment to the Apple iPhone ’for kick-starting things’, those who attended FOMR from major companies such as Google, Microsoft and the Internet Advertising Bureau, declared that 2010 could finally be “the year of mobile”….


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