Smart Phones and Filtering Employees

The two businesses that are most focused on not missing opportunities are Stock Trading and Staffing.

With record unemployment rates, staffing businesses are swamped with potential candidates.  Although this might seem like a good thing,  it can be a quick way to miss your golden ticket opportunitiy to place a prime candidate.

When they have a job to fill, many staffing companies have very organized candidate on-boarding procedures and workflows to separate the wheat from the chaff rather than blunder through an arduous placement processes .  But no matter how organized your business is, things can still slip through the cracks.  Here are 2 quick steps to help your business quickly filter candidates through the on-boarding process without any fancy “proceduralizing” using the most common small business tool: the smartphone.

1)      Say you have a quick phone call with a potential candidate while you are running to your CPA to drop off those dreaded tax returns.  While riding the elevator at your wealthy CPA’s office, open up your LinkedIn App which you have already downloaded for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Palm.  Simply search for your candidate, just checking to see if they have “recommendations”.  If they can’t manage to get a recommendation then you might not want to recommend them for a position.  This is the first line of defense.

2)      Use a Staffing Software which allows you to access your candidates and customers online. Bond Adapt has a mobile option where your recruiters can quickly find records in your database, update the records and perform common tasks such as logging calls.  These types of applications remove “remembering stuff and logging it when you get into work” a non-essential skill.

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