Showing Full Browser Independence is the Final Piece of the Jigsaw

internetPointerBond International Software, the global provider of hosted recruitment software and recruitment software as a service (SaaS), today announces that their latest version of the Bond Adapt Version 11 recruitment software as a service is fully browser independent as standard.
As a result, Bond customers using this version will be able to access their Bond Adapt Version 11 systems irrespective of which browser they are accessing the internet through and without time consuming and expensive customisation – a technical advance that sets Bond apart from many of its competitors, who are only able to provide access to their systems through Internet Explorer.
Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Bond International Software, comments, “Initially, Internet Explorer held a significantly dominant market share in the browser market, leaving barely 10% of the market for any competitors. However, on account of perceived claims of faster service from alternative browsers, we have seen a dramatic variation in browser adoption, first in Asia-Pac and then across EMEA. Browser independence therefore becomes significantly more important than ever before as the methods of internet access have suddenly broadened.”
Bond’s products are often provided over the internet via a SaaS model, and those that are hosted on the customers’ sites also have an internet-based remote access capability, making the ability to accommodate different working practices vital.
Richardson continues, “With the increasing variety of browsers, our growth potential was threatened, especially overseas. As a result, we have spent a great deal of time and effort retrospectively ensuring that the latest releases of Bond Adapt Version 11 are entirely compatible with any browser. This has entailed an adaptation of underlying code, and also a proactive effort in ensuring that later development is ‘future-proof’.”
Bond’s browser independence sets its hosted recruitment software portfolio apart from that of its competitors, as while tailored work has been undertaken by some other web-based recruitment software providers to ensure compatibility with selected browsers, Bond is the only organisation that is able to claim full browser independence. Richardson adds, “Through dedicating development resource to ensuring robust browser independence, we have fully adapted our current web-based recruitment software Adapt Version 11 offering and our ongoing development programme. This is a level of effort and activity that many of our competitors simply do not have the resources to commit to, which is why we believe we are the only organisation to have managed to achieve full browser independence with our hosted recruitment software.”
Richardson concludes, “Independence has always been our ethos, be that in terms of, for example, the user interface language or the underlying database. Showing full browser independence is the final piece of the jigsaw.”
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