Required Group Invest in AdaptUX to Enhance Recruitment Processes and Plan for the Future

Required Group LogoRequired Group, consisting Required IT, Required Consulting, Required Energy and Required BI have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand plus; user experience focused recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

London-based with offices in the USA and Singapore, the Required Group was formed in 2013 as the umbrella company to align the successful growth of Required IT and its subsidiaries.

Founded in 2002, the exemplary customer service and tailored account management delivered by Required IT soon resulted in a loyal client base, appreciative candidates and consistent year-on-year growth. Fuelled by their success, Required IT created and acquired agencies in business sectors outside of their original scope; and by enabling those agencies to evolve separately, they too rose to prominence within their marketplaces. Today, Required IT remains the group’s largest agency, however the others are certainly catching up. The strong ethos of client understanding and candidate care which began in 2002 continues to underpin the group’s success and reaffirm their admirable industry reputation.

Keen to add new efficiencies throughout their recruitment cycle processes and sustain growth, Required Group began undertaking a wide review of the recruitment software market. The agencies’ wish list included: CRM ease of use, solid third-party software integrations and, importantly, finding the provider technology roadmap which instilled the highest levels of future confidence.

Required Group soon shortlisted AdaptUX due to the new menu design and intuitive user experience the system offered. As their review progressed and explored the full depth of functionality the system provided, especially when deployed as the hub of all recruitment activity, the following features confirmed their selection:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand plus enables Required Group’s users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling all Required Group users to select from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Adapt InSight – contextual search and match technology finds more candidates with the right skills to help Required Group succeed in every assignment
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Required Group users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in AdaptUX from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Required Group’s users to access AdaptUX via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move
  • Adapt Web Portals – fully interactive, mobile optimised web portals connecting clients and candidates with AdaptUX; enabling online registration, job searching and application
  • Exago integration – providing enhanced reporting and KPI tools to the Required Group management team
  • CloudCall by SYNETY integration – driving advanced telephony functions direct from AdaptUX
  • FireText integration – SMS marketing tool enabling Required Group’s users to effectively reach and engage their clients and candidates
  • Google Maps integration – candidate proximity to job vacancy details graphically displayed via Google Maps within AdaptUX

Required Group will be implementing AdaptUX during August 2016.

Andrew Shone, Operations Director, Required Group, comments, “We are committed to making a lasting, positive difference by delivering the highest levels of service to our clients and candidates alike. We pride ourselves upon remaining innovative in every facet of our work and it’s imperative our recruitment CRM fully supports us in doing so. The redesigned AdaptUX system raises the bar in the ease of use, efficiency and flexibility it offers and, coupled with the best third-party software, it really is an all-round recruitment CRM built for business success. Factoring in Bond’s exciting technology roadmap, we are confident our processes will be tangibly enhanced today and in the future.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Since 2002, Required IT and the further Required Group agencies have definitely become names to watch in the recruitment industry. Their unified approach to client and candidate services highlighting understanding, ethical practices and business dexterity has yielded great results. Here at Bond we have been aware of their success for some time and we are delighted they have chosen the newly-released AdaptUX system to empower their consultants, help sustain growth and open up new opportunities for the group.”