Adapt: Lots in a Name

In late 2016 Symphony Technology Group acquired recruitment and staffing software veterans, Bond International Software, and award-winning innovator, TempBuddy. Erecruit was added to the group in 2017, with a strategic marketing evaluation and rebrand bringing the companies together under the Erecruit name in early 2018, while retaining the brand identities of the flagship products. Shane Wheeler, Marketing Executive, Erecruit, looks at what this means for its recruitment software aimed at fast-growing firms, and why consolidating its name globally is an exciting prospect for its providers and users alike…

If you’ve worked within the recruitment industry for some time, you’ll most likely be familiar with one or more of these staffing software product names: Bond Adapt, AdaptUX (or Bond AdaptUX), Bond AdaptSuite, Bond StaffSuite, Bond eEmpACT.

Launching its first recruitment agency software, Adapt, in the UK in 1973, Bond International Software were true pioneers, sowing the seeds for many of the placement workflow conventions that recruiters rely upon today. Over the next 40+ years, Bond listened to user feedback and consistently developed innovative software, including the launch of AdaptUX in 2016 with its unique personal user experience capabilities.

Throughout this time, the company name was Bond International Software (or referred to simply as Bond), with product names a variable of Adapt. As Bond expanded globally and enhanced and rebadged its CRM software for regional marketplace requirements, new name variants came into being. For example, in the US Bond Adapt delivered enhanced back office functionality alongside its Applicant Tracking System (ATS), effectively becoming a suite of software, so the name AdaptSuite fit perfectly. Bond acquisitions such as eEmpACT and EZAccess (which continue to be supported today) added even more names to the portfolio.

Over the years, as products were developed or acquired and supported by Bond, systems were named to represent the new innovation or reliable continuity being delivered to customers. Depending on where you were when you first heard about or used a Bond system, one name probably stands out in your mind to this day. Many still refer to an Adapt system simply as Bond, others to the latest version used such as AdaptUX.

Today, following a strategic brand evaluation, the above products all fall under the company name Erecruit, with one name for all global variants of Adapt. The innovation and investment continues as we are supported by a private equity firm with the vision and capital to transform success.

So, whichever name springs to mind – now’s the time to remember just one: Adapt.

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We thank you for joining us on our recruitment software journey – and we hope you’re as excited about this next, truly defining, step as we are.

For further details on our industry leading recruitment and staffing software or to request a demonstration contact us today.

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