Recruitment Agencies: Less haste more speed!

recrtuiment plans 2There is a lot of pressure on recruitment agencies to fill a role, especially when the client is trying to fill a position as fast as possible using multiple agencies. But what will you be marked on at the end of the day? Quality or quantity?

In this latest blog, Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software offers his advice on how taking a more measured, calm and meticulous approach to recruiting candidates can in fact result in more speed in the long run.  Essentially managing the recruitment process with less haste and more speed.

Getting off to a good start

In our previous blog, Recruitment 101, we discussed how to ensure that all candidates are treated with the same respect and courtesy in order to make sure that they want to work with you over other agencies. This approach is just as vital with clients.

Getting off to a good start with clients is critical in order for them to keep working with you in the future. Building a relationship and demonstrating a solid understanding of their business not only puts you ahead when you are speaking with them, but understanding their requirements means that you are able to find the right person for the role.

Listening to the client, and finding out what experience, qualifications and type of person they are looking to hire will mean that you can begin your candidate search well informed and you have already built trust.

To find out more about recruitment etiquette and how going back to basics can pay off in the long run, click here. 

Maintaining ground

It can be tempting to reach out to many candidates who may not tick all of the boxes in order to begin scheduling interviews. While this could be seen as a proactive response and the client will certainly be impressed with a plethora of candidates, too many candidates and none fitting the bill will quickly be seen as a fruitless task – and at this point the client will be asking themselves, ‘Do they really understand my business?’

Instead of this, prior to undertaking the candidate search, discuss the approach that you will take with the client. Outline how you will advertise the role, how you will begin the candidate search and manage their expectations accordingly.

Keep communication lines open

Just as you wouldn’t keep the candidate guessing, take the same approach with the client. Provide them with a regular update of the agreed outreach plan, let them know the response that you are getting from job boards and social media, and how your call outs are going.

Keeping the client updated as to progress is as vital as sending them several candidates to interview – both prove value, but one approach is certainly a lot more considered and valuable. When the ideal candidate is eventually found, your focus on quality over quantity will provide the best service.

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