Recruiting Management Tips – Automate Staffing Efforts On Twitter

Twitter tips for recruitersOf all the social media channels available for recruiting firms and staffing agencies, Twitter provides some of the best capabilities for getting the word to candidates.  The network is a recruiting software tool that more companies should leverage.

That said, the high levels of information that recruiters and staffers have to put out means that tweeting the constant flow of job opportunities could mean that you never leave your office for being chained to your Twitter accounts.  But that problem can be averted with automation software.

Check out these 3 automation tools that can make your recruiting management run more smoothly when it comes to tweeting your message:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows recruiters and staffing agencies to manage and measure their Twitter and other social media accounts.

For busy hiring professionals Hootsuite can be an advantage.  You can draft multiple messages  — some Hootsuite plans enable you to produce 50 unique posts at a time — and schedule them to send at the optimal times your target audience is most likely to be online.

The service also allows you to monitor audience sentiment and follower growth.  You can utilize the analytic tools from Facebook and Google through the Hootsuite dashboard.  For busy professionals, the mobile apps make that information available any time via your mobile devices.

In addition, Hootsuite’s collaborative team functionality lets multiple contributors access your company’s social profiles without having to share passwords.

2. Timely

This bookmarklet also lets you schedule your tweets to get them out when they’re most likely to be seen but in contrast to Hootsuite, which asks you to specify the times you want your updates to be posted, Timely automatically distributes your messages based on your audience’s online behavior history.

So, in one sitting, you can create a queue of tweets and Facebook posts to go out automatically which saves more time for responding and retweeting.

If you combine a service like Klout, you can measure the influence and reach of your tweets and other social media updates.  Klout scores 2.7 billion pieces of content daily to understand your content’s impact and build your target audience.

3. Buffer

In order to keep the followers you’ve attracted, you need to establish a regular level of engagement.  The recruiting professionals who have the most success on social media understand this and don’t limit their updates to one type of content.

For example, let’s say you run across an article from SmartBrief on interview tips that you would like to share.  With Buffer, you can send that content via your Twitter account, with the added bonus of being able to view individual analytics for every tweet you send.

The capabilities social media automation provides mean that you can spread your recruitment and staffing influence more widely across Twitter and other channels without having to sacrifice large amounts of time in the process.

For more information how automation can help your recruitment or staffing company in other areas, check out our resource whitepaper, 15 Steps To Successful Staffing And Recruiting Software Selection.


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