10 Recruiting Pages on Facebook to “Like” (And Copy)

If you are a recruiting firm that hasn’t yet adopted a social media strategy, now is the time to start.  Recruiting agencies everywhere are learning that success equals a combination of the best recruiting software and the canvassing of candidates through multiple social media channels.

Need proof?  A recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) study found that the swell of support and understanding of social media channels is growing within the industry:

  • 56% use social media sites to recruit talent
  • 77% of managerial positions are filled through social sites
  • 84% used social channels to find passive candidates

While LinkedIn was the resounding leader of social media networks used for recruiting (95%), Facebook came in second at 58%.  So we thought we’d take a look at how cutting edge recruiters are using the channel.  Here are 10 great Facebook pages we found where you can find news, candidates and inspiration for your own page:

  1. CareerBuilder – The granddaddy of them all with 154,000 likes and over 1,700 people talking about the page.  A great collection of links and news under the heading “Empowering people to find careers they love.”
  2. HR News — The latest topics within the recruiting industry, including such news as new mobile apps and the latest recruitment research.
  3. All in HR – HR management tips that cover the gambit of topics.  Learn everything from managing personnel in a rapidly changing world to the effectiveness of recruiting software.
  4. Job Magic – Anyone looking for help in learning how to use social media should “like” this page.  Loads of valuable resources and tips for established and start-up recruiting firms.
  5. Fistful of Talent – Probably the most active page of the group.  Lots of discussion on issues that affect the hiring and HR industries.
  6. Undercover Recruiter – The one page that compels visitors to act right off the bat.  Once you “like” their page, candidates get great job search advice.
  7. Recruiting Blogs – This page does a solid job of encouraging discussions with regular questions.  It’s a great example of using the element of engagement to draw more people to your page.
  8. LinkUp – This job search engine page is a prime example of how consistency in updates keeps followers coming back.  It offers regular links to helpful information for all types of job seekers.
  9. ERE – If you are looking for information on the latest conferences, seminars or best practices for the recruiting industry, this page will have everything your recruiting heart desires.
  10. Divercities – A page dedicated to the many diversified sections of the recruitment market.  A great place for those following employment news for special needs candidates.

Whether sharing the latest on what recruiters are discussing or the newest advancements in recruiting software or resources available for all professionals in the hiring industry, these Facebook pages share a few social media musts – they provide relevant information, they consistently refresh their content and they invite followers to engage.

Need more help in navigating social media for your recruiting business?  Read, 6 Steps To Grow Your Staffing Agency With Content Marketing.

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