Podcast – The Future Of Recruitment CRM

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In this recruitment leaders’ podcast from Barclay Jones, Lisa Jones and Wayne Barclay speak with James Payne from Bond International Software and Rod Smyth from TempBuddy. Bond and TempBuddy recently joined forces under the Symphony Technology Group, leveraging each other’s strengths of world-class staffing software and award-winning technological innovation.

As providers of world-class recruitment technology, James and Rod are in a great place to talk about the new #CRMFirst mantra at Barclay Jones.

Who is this Recruitment Leaders Podcast for?

If you are a recruitment leader, IT leader or marketing leader in recruitment, and you want to make your CRM “FIRST” (ie. First port of call), then this is will be a key listen.

What did Lisa, Wayne, James and Rod discuss?

  • Why the content of your CRM can massively impact whether your recruiters use it
  • How to improve the content of your CRM?
  • How can you get managers and directors engaged with Recruitment CRM?
  • What things do they advise recruiters to stop doing?
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