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What are you reading? I was recently inspired by the recent post of ’10 Best Barclay Jones Blogs of the Year’. It’s a great round up of their most popular blogs. I was interested in reviewing the blogs for Adapt and seeing what seems to really resonate with our readers. Take a look at the round up below!

1. What should a recruitment software implementation look like?

projectSo you’ve been tasked with reviewing your current recruitment software. Or perhaps you are still using Excel spreadsheets as a CRM system for your staffing agency. Before you get distracted by all of the bells and whistles you will no doubt be shown, it’s important to know what the entire journey of selecting a new software will look like. Making the decision of which software to purchase is really the easy part. It’s what follows that needs additional thought, focus and effort.

 2. Three ways to make recruitment software training engaging

Blog 2Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to make recruitment software traininginteresting, especially when you have a group of individuals who would rather be someplace else. Getting the right mix of engaging material yet establishing an informative basis to maximise training can be tricky. So how do you turn a course from drab to fab?

 3. LinkedIn Request Etiquette – avoiding boring & bland

LinkedIn_Offices_2How many times have you seen the same LinkedIn request? It’s the bland, boring, and standard request message sent by so many of us. In the grand scheme of things, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a little meaningless when the recipient knows that no thought has gone in to it. You simply clicked Connect. Consider an active job seeker who receives several requests a week from a recruiter. Don’t you want your message to stand out?

 4. Thinking of Changing your Recruitment CRM?

lisa-jonesLisa Jones is a Director of Barclay Jones, a consultancy working with agency recruiters on their recruitment technology and social media strategies. Prior to Barclay Jones she worked in a number of Recruitment, IT, Web and Operations director-level roles. She is a technology and strategy junkie with keen eyes on the business process. Her guest blog post was extremely popular with our readers!

 5. Mobile Recruitment Technology is Keeping the World Spinning

Blog 5Recent research suggests that more people are choosing to use mobile devices for job searches due to the convenience factor – over 50% according to results from Indeed Research. In addition, 66% of respondents would apply for a job via mobile if the process was simplified – so what does that mean for recruiters?

 6. 5 Migration Myths – understanding & moving recruitment software data

data moveA key question when implementing new software is what to do with your current data. Unless you are using pen and paper, you have candidates, clients and contacts in a different system. Moving that data from one system to another requires a migration engineer to perform the process. Let’s try and dispel a few myths!

7. Going Back to Basics: Online Training vs Offline Training

WebEducationIn this blog Carrie Roberts, Training Team Leader at Bond International Software, discusses the benefits of online and offline training. Training is no longer limited to the classroom. With an increase in web-based learning technologies, such as interactive webinars, companies are inundated with different ways to train their team members. Amongst the mix is traditional face-to-face training, which for some learning styles is still the most effective way to train.

8. Are you making the most of your Account Manager?

Are you making the most of your Account Manager?In this blog post, our Account Management Team explains the purpose and benefit of providing a dedicated service to our clients. The Adapt Account Management Service is a complimentary service offered to all clients who have an annual support and maintenance agreement with Bond.

9. Bond Adapt V11 / 9.2 with superior recruitment functionality unveiled

Blog 9Having carefully listened to our customers and their needs, we have enhanced the Bond Adapt software with features that make it easier for recruiters to manage their recruitment activities and monitor business performance. Bond Adapt is our sophisticated staffing and recruitment software system. It manages the entire placement cycle, simplifies processes and provides consultancies of all sizes with cutting-edge tools, enabling recruiters to be as effective as possible while gaining a competitive advantage.

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