Online Recruitment Software: Increased Efficiency With Lower IT Costs

shutterstock_104345897Buying recruitment software can be a significant outlay for any recruitment agency, whether it is an SME or a chain operating globally. Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software, argues that the right solution can keep costs down while improving business efficiencies.

“We need a new system.” It is a sentence likely to fill even the most seasoned IT manager with dread. As the technology expert, the IT manager will have a huge role to play in shortlisting and eventually choosing the new solution. Then the real work starts as it will be up to him (or her!) to ensure the smooth roll-out and training of end-users.

Which solution is decided upon will fully depend on the organisation’s needs, there is no right or wrong. What is essential is that organisations choose a solution that works for them, not the other way around. In other words, the solution must be straightforward for staff to learn and start applying in their day-to-day activities, without the need for day-long training sessions.

From an IT perspective, the less time spent on managing the new solution the better. For some organisations, hosting the software on their own servers is the best option; but Cloud Computing/SaaS, where the solution is accessed over the Internet, has some great additional benefits.

First of all, by opting for the cloud the IT department has an immediate reduction in hardware infrastructure. Second, the cloud service provider is responsible for hosting, maintaining and upgrading the software. This frees up valuable time for the IT department and also keeps the costs associated with software maintenance and support to an absolute minimum.

With the cloud provider assuming that much risk, surely it is more expensive? Not necessarily. Payment is often via a monthly subscription model, which will help the business with accurate budgeting and cash flow predictions – without constant surprises. Having that peace of mind is incredibly valuable.

When choosing a recruitment system, it is essential to consider the short and long-term implications. The initial set-up and training costs are likely to cause a spike in outgoings, but a reduction in internal IT resource and infrastructure costs can make it an extremely cost-effective solution in the long-term.

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