New eBook Showing how to Achieve Recruitment Best Practice

ThRecruitment_Best_Practicee way in which candidates and recruiters interact with one another has changed fundamentally – in an era now dominated by ubiquitous, increasingly mobile access to information any time of day or night, speed is essential.

But how does the raft of online candidate information, from social media to job boards, affect the way recruitment agencies operate day-to-day? Recruitment is about far more than fast access to candidate information. The latest eBook from Adapt outlines the essential role the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should play in:

  •        Business Development – building strong client and candidate relationships
  •        Efficient Resourcing – driving down the cost to place
  •        Compliance – ensuring candidates meet legal requirements
  •        Performance Measurement – driving continual improvement
  •        Business Value – safeguarding Intellectual Property

The recruitment best practice eBook also shows how organisations need to continually assess and review all opportunities available to them – to streamline processes, improve information sharing and take advantage of innovations in areas such as mobile.

The companies continually extending the way the CRM is used across the business will be the companies that transform effectiveness, boost competitiveness and add business value.

Download the Achieving Recruitment Best Practice eBook for free here.


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