New eBook showing best practices in your candidate search available for download

BondSearchBlogThe way in which recruiters and companies source new candidates is without doubt the most important element of the recruitment cycle. With the evolution of search technology it is often those businesses utilising the best combination of approach, technique and supporting technology that stay ahead of their competition.

However, searching for the ideal candidate can be challenging due to the vast amount of data now available, often stored and structured in different ways. The latest Bond eBook outlines how the evolution in search technology is playing a key role in enabling organisations to gain additional ROI from their CRM investment.

It answers some key questions:

  • With so many ways to implement a search, is there a wrong or right approach to use?
  • Why do search skills vary significantly between individual consultants and departments?
  • Where are the best places to find candidates – the internal CRM database or external sources such as social media and job boards?

From searching for clients to matching candidates and employers, the quality is critical to consultant productivity, candidate experience and client relationships.

For the candidate search, it is important to find the right person before the competition and to deliver those best possible candidates to improve client relationships. Meanwhile for business development, search is important for refining sales and marketing activity, improving targeting and determining the best contacts within a CRM solution.

The efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of the search process can make or break a recruitment business. The reality is that many consultants are simply not armed with the right tools and techniques to search quickly and effectively.

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