New eBook: 10 Steps to Successful Staffing & Recruitment Software Selection

Technology advances at a dizzying pace. Ten years ago ‘social media recruitment’ via online social networks was only an idea in some entrepreneurial minds. Today it is a mainstay for tech-savvy recruitment and staffing professionals. With ongoing advances and an eye on the future, the recruitment industry must continually adapt to provide faster, better services than ever before. 

Staffing and recruitment software plays a crucial role in the continued success of agencies. It is, as one staffing agency owner said, “the lifeblood of our company,” enabling the effective management of the many complex business relationships between clients and candidates.

So it is with understandable anxiety that agency management considers upgrading the technology they already have in order to keep up with or improve their fortunes in today’s sophisticated and competitive environment. Today, measuring quality, increasing productivity, and being operationally efficient are all-important in the business of making placements and filling jobs.

Choosing the best staffing or recruitment software product to meet your agency’s specific needs and goals can be a formidable task. The stakes are high.

You need a vendor partner that delivers solutions, not just features.

To some, choosing the “best” system consists of looking at all the vendor software packages and buying the one with the most or newest bells and whistles. With so many products available on the market, it’s important to look much deeper than what the software may offer –you need to look at the partnership you’ll be entering into as well.

The 10-step approach that follows for selecting staffing and recruitment software should reduce the stress of the selection process and ensure that your final choice will help you meet your goals. It can be downloaded here. Find out the best way to approach your decision, and the best approach on the following:

  • Choosing the right selection strategy and a selection team
  • Defining your business requirements and priorities
  • Identifying internal resources and technology infrastructure
  • Comparing product demos
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