New AdaptSuite Staffing Software Release Improves Staffing Agency Contingent Employee Benefit Program Tracking and Management Dashboards

 AdaptSuite staffing software version 3.2 adds enhancements to improve contingent employee benefit program tracking and increase visibility into real-time information for management decision-making.

The release of AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software Version 3.2 is now available. With the enhancements in this release, staffing and recruiting agencies will enable their recruiters, sales representatives, and back-office teams to further streamline their business processes. This release of AdaptSuite focuses on:

  • Improved tracking of contingent employee benefits
  • New dashboards and reporting that facilitates management decision-making
  • Online importing of contacts into the AdaptSuite CRM to reduce data entry efforts
  • Introduces a new Desktop Agent that offers tight integration between AdaptSuite and other third-party applications

Enhanced Contract/Contingent Employee Benefits Eligibility Tracking and Management

Government mandates have increased the importance of tracking sick time benefits across the US. As a result, staffing agencies need to define how they will structure their contingent employee sick time benefits and be able to simply track who is eligible to receive pay for sick time, how much, and when. In certain jurisdictions, making available balances visible to employees is required.

The new eligibility module within AdaptSuite staffing software offers the flexibility to meet the various requirements specific to sick time simply and efficiently. In addition, the eligibility module simplifies the tracking and management of other benefits awards such as vacation, holiday pay, and/or other benefit programs that the agency may have. AdaptSuite delivers these benefits in a unified front and back office staffing software system that reduces the time and effort typically associated with these tasks.

New Dashboard Framework and Dashboards Empower Agency Management Insights

Growing staffing and recruiting agencies are fast-moving and highly responsive to the needs of their customers as they seek out the best candidates, contractors, and contingent employees for the job orders they receive. It’s important that agency management as well as front-line recruiters and sales representatives have real-time insight into all of the various activities among internal sales and recruiting staff, so that they can understand how those activities translate into effective sales, talent acquisition, and job order fulfillment. This enables clear and effective decision-making that improves business results.

The new AdaptSuite staffing software dashboard framework offers innovative technology to view and interact with data to provide real-time visibility into the key metrics that matter most to recruiters and sales representatives. Along with the new framework, a set of new dashboards for Activities, Candidate information, and Connections are introduced in this release. Among the many benefits of the data supplied in these instantly accessible, real-time dashboards are:

  • The ability to track activities to ensure open positions are filled or matched with the right candidate
  • Understanding which key activities are delivering the highest quality and volume of placements
  • Using key performance metrics as one of the indicators of employee future performance
  • Allows management to adjust recruiting strategy or process to ensure maximum returns

AdaptSuite Reduces Data Entry Effort with Online Contact Import

One of the most tedious tasks for a staffing and recruiting sales representative is entering new contact data. AdaptSuite staffing software simplifies this with the online import of individual contacts and lists of contacts. This provides an effortless way to get new contacts into the AdaptSuite CRM Sales Studio system so that sales representatives can spend their time making the connections that lead to sales and not entering data.

Improved Third-Party Application Integration

Third-party applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, are often vital to staffing and recruiting business success. The new AdaptSuite Desktop agent provides unparalleled interaction between AdaptSuite staffing software and other applications for tightly integrated email, calendar and task entries as well as one step document editing.

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