Mobile Recruitment Technology is Keeping the World Spinning

Mobile RecruitmentRecent research suggests that more people are choosing to use mobile devices for job searches due to the convenience factor – over 50% according to results from Indeed Research. In addition, 66% of respondents would apply for a job via mobile if the process was simplified – so what does that mean for recruiters?

It is a well-known fact that mobile recruitment technology is a major factor for any recruitment consultant. With research findings stacking up to prove that not only is mobile here to stay but it is one of the key ways in which recruiters can reach relevant candidates and secure viable business opportunities, there are still some important things to consider when looking at recruitment.

Nearly half of job seekers in the UK highlighted small screens (53%), difficulty tailoring CVs to apply for different jobs (34%) and issues with attaching multiple documents (26%) as barriers to applying via mobile devices at the moment. With mobile recruitment uptake growing, is it time to review your current recruitment CRM and mobile app effectiveness?

Mobile app user numbers are expanding rapidly – and so are their expectations. Slow app loading and request response times are no longer acceptable – users are demanding a fast, streamlined experience.

One way to review whether your mobile strategy is a good fit for your business recruitment requirements is to look at the process from a candidate perspective. Take time to go through the whole candidate experience, from first contact to signed contract, and consider the different mobile touch-points at every stage. Are there some areas you need to improve on, for example: Is your website mobile optimised? Is there a quick, simple, one-touch way for a candidate to register interest in a role via the app or mobile optimised website?

Either way, with almost a quarter (21%) of candidates looking for an opportunity on the go, if your mobile recruitment technology is not up-to-scratch, your competitors’ no doubt will be.

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