Master Body Language and Become A Better Recruiter

Our bodies create up to 700,000 different signs, according to one expert. That leaves recruiters with a lot of body language in interviews to read as they determine which candidates will be “just right” for their staffing firm’s valued clients. Although people realize at a young age that a frown means displeasure, did you know, for instance, that a candidate’s feet in an interview might be the best signal of how they truly feel?

Recruiters’ body language during interviews can also convey subliminal messages. Are you conveying interest in your candidates by facing them squarely and leaning in when listening?

Learn about body language in interviews with our visual representation of how recruiters can better interpret candidate body language and leverage their own.

Master Candidate Body Language and Become a Better RecruiterClick for the full infographic.

Learn how body language for recruiters can help you build rapport with clients, body language for sales can help recruiting salespeople make a killer first impression, and management communication skills can be improved with our tips on how to master body language and become a better recruiter.

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