Live Webinar: HIRABL – What is a ‘backdoor’ hire?

We are excited to announce our next webinar in conjunction with HIRABL. This webinar is designed specifically to provide insight in to ‘backdoor’ hires and why they take money away from your bottom line.

HIRABL provides actionable reporting on backdoor hires (when a client hires one of your candidates without your knowledge) so that you can collect missed fees immediately. This allows you to know when your hiring managers move to preserve existing business and target new business. You can then know when your candidates move and there are openings that need to be backfilled, and identify new clients who are hiring.

Join us for our webinar with HIRABL to find out:

  • What is a backdoor hire?
  • How often do they happen?
  • How to find out if you have them.
  • What do you do if you find one
  • How to minimize them going forward

Subject: How to STOP losing revenue and uncover missed fees
Date: Thursday November 12th 2015 
Time: 3 pm (UTC – London) 

Register here.

About our presenter: 

Jon Guidi: Jon is the founder of HIRABL, a big data company that helps recruiters track their candidate submissions and has uncovered $18 million in missed fees for its customers.  His “Aha!” moment came during his 10+ years’ experience working as a recruiter and constantly losing revenue to “backdoor hires”. Previously, he was President and CEO of Healthcare Recruiters International and grew its franchise operations to sixteen offices across the United States. Previously, Jon spent 10 years with Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial ending his tenure as Senior Vice President.


With HIRABL, Bond clients can now identify potential “backdoor hires” (when a client hires one of your candidates without your knowledge), and grow sales revenue with these new tools:

Candidate Tracker: HIRABL alerts when you candidates you previously placed change jobs so that you can “backfill” the position. Your recruiters can also follow these candidates into other firms who are hiring candidates that you’re already expert in placing.

Hiring Manager Tracker: HIRABL also alerts you when a hiring manager you work with changes employers so that you can preserve your existing job orders at their former employer, and open a new book of business at their new employer.

Bond and HIRABL are both proud members of APSCo. APSCo was formed to provide all firms involved in the recruitment of professional talent, that share a commitment to excellence, the specialist support and distinctive voice they need to be successful. To find out more, and explore the benefits of membership, visit their website here.  

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