Job Board Posting Top Tips – Part Two

jobboardpostingimage3Getting your job board(s) to perform is a constant challenge, in part two of this blog series we summarise how you can be sure you’re getting the best results from your job board(s). 

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Making job boards efficient is key, and should be straightforward as most job boards do 50% of the process for you. I.e. advertising the position you’re recruiting for, attracting the necessary talent and then transferring them to you. Therefore, the skill in optimising performance comes in actually creating the job post description itself.

Normally, you would have painstakingly created job specification templates and distributed them manually across the job boards you’re using. However, instead you can automate this process by using sophisticated recruitment orientated software such as Broadbean, which enables automatic job-posting and distribution across multiple job-boards simultaneously, saving you time and energy which you can allocate elsewhere.

Steve Barnhurst, Sales Director, Broadbean comments:

“The time spent advertising jobs can add up very quickly especially when you consider how many adverts are placed each week and then multiply that across the number of recruiters you have within your business. Not only does Broadbean drive real efficiency across an organisation it also allows recruiters to focus on their core job of recruiting, giving back potentially hours that can be spent on interviewing more candidates, meeting more clients and ultimately making more placements which is what they are there to do. I doubt any Owner or MD wants their best recruiters bogged down in admin when they could be using their time to generate more revenue.”

 “Looking at it from a different angle though, agencies spend considerable amounts of money on advertising so it is vital that they understand which channels, paid for or Social, deliver the best results – not the most candidates, which is very different. Gathering this information is almost impossible when done manually and the accuracy of the data will always be questionable so it’s only by using a tool such as Broadbean that can you identify where you should be investing your advertising budget as well as highlighting key times to post in order to optimise your response rates.”

 “A wealth of additional data can be provided from the Broadbean reports but the data alone is worthless, it is how you use it that is important!”

Furthermore, if you’re operating on multiple job boards, it can be difficult to continuously track quality applications being delivered by different boards or channels. But by using software for support, you can get a holistic view of your recruitment process for analytical purposes, enabling you to optimise and streamline your recruitment campaigns.

Therefore, in order to get the best results from your job board, you need to combine the channel you’re using with in-depth analytics and process automation. By doing this, you can maximise these elements of your recruitment campaign:

  • Reach, return, exposure – By implementing software that enhances and streamlines your recruitment process, you can significantly increase your reach and return through automated processes. Instead of operating manually on one job-board and receiving a small amount of candidates, you can design your job templates and have the software deploy them across multiple job boards, thereby increasing your reach, return and exposure.
  • Visibility and Analysis – In-depth analytics and software gives you a complete overview of your recruitment process as well as a pool of the candidates that you’re amassing. Answering fundamental questions such as: How many candidates are they driving? How many of those candidates have become successful hires? How many views are your job posts getting? Being able to visualise all these elements in conjunction with the candidates you’re receiving will greatly improve your decision making and recruitment process streamlining.
  • Candidate identification / Candidate pool – Having analytics software in place will provide you with an archive, where all the CVs you’ve received are compiled and stored. The advantage of this is that in the event you reconsider, or require another quality candidate, you can establish a talent pool of outstanding candidates you can pull from.

Your job board posting and recruitment processes need to take into consideration all elements mentioned in this two-part blog series. If you want to increase the ROI of your job boards, you need to include some form of process automation and clearly identify the job boards you want to utilise to attain the best quality candidates, which in turn, will shorten your recruitment process drastically.

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