Is employee turnover good or bad?

Employee turnover – we’ve all heard of it and often the subject matter is painted in a poor light. After all, trusted, efficient workers who are experienced are sometimes hard to find and it takes time to replace them. Staffing firms that take full advantage of staffing and recruiting software are able to offer their customers the right professionals that fit their corporate culture and business needs quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact of employee turnover to their customers.

CNBC News reports that one in three employees (approximately 33 percent) have claimed that they will begin to look for a new job in 2013 and almost one in five (about 18 percent) will begin their search in the next three months. With so many employees just waiting for the chance to quit, staffing and recruiting agencies are under pressure to quickly identify a pool of potential replacement candidates to minimize transition issues.

The controlled response to turnover provided by a qualified staffing firm can ensure that a quality group of potential job candidates are provided to their customers seeking to fill openings. The addition of new professionals supplied by staffing firms can spark innovation and increased productivity in the business sector. Staffing and recruiting software can help your staffing firm to identify, qualify and present potential job candidates with ease.

A staffing firm can easily accomplish this task by establishing a clear applicant infrastructure. Don’t second guess yourself about which employees offer the right combination of characteristics for your customers’ business. Instead, turn toward an employment agency software solution that includes an applicant tracking system, contact management tools, a resume database and much more.

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