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CloudJim Tanfield, Editor of Recruitment Consultant Magazine this week wrote a fantastic article on the virtues of cloud computing. With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, is it really the best solution for recruiters?

The article offers opinions from a range of the UK’s leading hr software providers – including Bond International Software.

Jim’s introduction to the article sets the tone of the whole piece: Cloud computing is surely one of the most common buzz phrases of the last three years within recruitment, it is a very snappy title for something so unfathomably large, so therefore can recruitment really take place within the cloud?

In its most basic meanings it is accessing services via the Internet, which are hosted on either physical or vitalised servers at an off site location…. but this use of the net has created a split within the recruitment industry: some see the reduced costs outweighed by the security risks….’

The article highlights some of the main benefits of cloud computing including: reduction of costs of infrastructure ( cost and time ) and the reduction of outgoings which ‘can be greatly reduced by paying for a consistent and frequently upgraded system monthly, rather than one payment upfront..’.  Data security, scalability, flexible working for staff ( as only an Internet connect is needed), back-ups, maintenance and upgrades all done for you centrally, and the latest functionality through multi-tenant architecture.

Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Bond International Software
, points out another invaluable benefit, which is dependability ..‘And of course improved business resilience is another driver. If an on-site network fails, the recruiter loses access to the candidate database loosing valuable time to make placements.With tens of thousands of recruitment consultants however, scrambling to place candidates in a highly competitive industry, no recruiter can afford such a loss. The cloud option provides business resilience as standard, as servers are replicated on typically mirrored, virtual sites.’

Richardson  is quick to balance this by focusing on the infrastructure essential to take the cloud‘The speed with which recruiters can access their data in the cloud will depend entirely on their connectivity: it is the amount of bandwidth available that determines how fast data can be retrieved. And before recruiters make the move to the cloud, they should  consider the risk of vendor lock-in. Once the recruiter signs on the dotted line, he may well find he is tied to the cloud supplier for a number or years, and that is indeed very complicated, and often costly, to move this data from the hosted solution.’

Richardson concludes his opinion with a note about the security issue with cloud computing:  Cloud providers need to make their infrastructures as secure as possible and can’t host data anywhere which puts the client in breach of data protection. Many recruiters however, are still wary of placing all of their trust in third party suppliers, despite assurances from cloud companies that their data will be inherently more secure with them than in an on premise solution..’

As the article continues, it is suggested that cloud computing is not for everyone. According to Kamachi’s Raymond Pennie ‘for some it will be more expensive than their existing IT costs…however, when it is time to replace their IT, the cloud offers the chance to outsource all the difficult stuff to cloud based providers..’

Pennie, tells the readers that ‘there are four things to bear in mind with cloud computing:

  • Data connections are vital and as is an adequate back-up line
  • Be very clear which supplier is responsible for each service when you start to use different cloud providers to avoid having issues of ‘its not my fault’
  • Is your business ready for a community cloud or should your consider having a private cloud offering where your cloud is just for you?
  • Use specialists – not just the cheapest you can find on Google! ‘

The conclusion of the article? Cloud computing brings many benefits, and of course if you don’t choose the provider right for you, there are pitfalls!

  • To read the article in full, please CLICK HERE  
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