How to boost staffing performance by improving follow through

As a staffing professional, do you have a responsibility to follow up with a candidate? It’s a debatable point. There are articles out there claiming that failing to contact a prospective job candidate after a decision has been made about a position is leading to the erosion of the industry’s reputation. On the other hand, the time crunch and fear of making a legal blunder are real concerns.

I’m sure most of us would agree – we want to be able to get back to every job candidate we screen to let them know if they got the job. After all, we understand what that tortured limbo status feels like! Plus, the potential candidate who fails to get one job may be ideal for another position you’re staffing for. However, if you leave this person in limbo land and give him or her a negative experience, your chances of successfully recruiting them for another job have seriously decreased.

I know, I know. You’re probably saying to yourself that you know the benefits of contacting prospective job candidates. You just don’t have the time! Well, there are ways for you, as a staffing professional, to increase productivity and improve your performance so that you have the time to return a few calls and get back to those waiting in staffing purgatory.

First, you know that hiring is picking up across multiple industries, which means your client load and the number of potential candidates you’re talking to is on the rise – making it even harder to track the work flow of a job. Make sure to leverage your skills and your ability to take advantage of your cutting edge recruiting software. It can help you track job candidates from first contact to client billing. The software will provide you with a manageable candidate tracking system – allowing you to know who to contact when in regards to the conclusion of filling a job.

The staffing software will provide you with the mobile-accessible solution you need to ensure that candidate communications are completed in a timely manner – leaving no one feeling as if they are stuck in limbo. Boost the reputation of your industry and your organization by using a system to improve candidate relations from the start.

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