How Recruiters Can Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn offers recruiters access to a talent pool of over 277 million people worldwide. Yet many staffing and recruiting firms aren’t making enough of all the opportunities the channel offers to get their word out.

A recent LinkedIn webinar described some common mistakes agency recruiters make when using LinkedIn, such as an incomplete profile, a missing company page and limiting reach. Fixing these common ways is an easy way for staffing and recruiting firms to make the most of LinkedIn.

One of the newest ways to extend your message via your company page is the use of LinkedIn’s Showcase pages – a great tool to segment your content.

How can recruiters use LinkedIn Showcase pages?

targetinglinkedin-1The challenge of promoting your overall brand, in addition to the various branches of your products/services, is that you may be providing content overkill to some audiences because they have to wade through your general content to find information that is directly applicable to them.

Think of how your ability to segment your marketing message can more actively engage specific recruiting and hiring audiences.

The Showcase pages provide a multi-pronged channel system to offer tailored content relevant to these distinct target audiences simultaneously.

For companies with products that appeal to different business needs or hiring companies that are reaching out to a variety of industries and candidates, this means that we can create engaging messaging based on specific needs and interests.

tweet1Lisa Jones, Director of Barclay Jones, a recruiting consultancy, offered a number of ways that recruiters can use LinkedIn Showcase pages in a post for UndercoverRecruiter, shortly after the roll-out of LinkedIn’s Showcase pages in November 2013.

She encouraged recruiters to think about segmenting pages to focus on both internal and external recruitment. She also pointed out that Showcase pages are perfect opportunities to:

  • Create a jobs page for each of your sectors and post jobs to those pages – such as creating a job board for specific people to follow, perhaps segmenting healthcare or IT jobs on separate pages
  • Create sector-specific pages for awesome sector-specific content.   Share the latest news on the fastest growing occupations within those sectors as well as employment updates as they relate to each sector.
  • Create a page just for your blog content. This will create a steady stream of relevant content to which you can point your audience.

thumbs-upOne of the best things about the LinkedIn Showcase pages — you can have up to 10 — is how easily they can be created.  All you have to do is click the “edit” menu on your LinkedIn Company page, then select “Create a Showcase Page.”

You can immediately start sharing engaging, specific content geared toward each of your target audiences.

The beauty of these Showcase pages is that some can be more general and some can be quite specific, according to your layered marketing messages.

But the value of Showcase pages doesn’t end there.  Recruiting firms also have analytics ability to determine:

  • Demographics – Get a clearer view of your followers
  • Engagement – Discover which content is getting the most engagement value
  • Trends – track patterns

The more ways you can reel in your target audiences the better chance you’ll have of creating a lasting impression, which may just be the difference between you and your competitor getting that next contract or candidate.

Learn more about using LinkedIn to benefit your business by reading our whitepaper, “7 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Leverage LinkedIn.”

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