Help Us Help You

How providing extra pieces of information can help support better assist you when you need it most!

There are two ways support cases can be opened with the Adapt Helpdesk. They are by calling the Support phone number (888.493.2032, opt2) or by using Email ( When a case is opened via a phone call, the Support Rep. responding to the call will gather enough relevant information to begin troubleshooting the issue.

When a support case comes in via email, sometimes we don’t get enough information to start the troubleshooting process. Instead of being able to jump right into the troubleshooting process, we start off by reaching out to you to ask more questions. By providing a few key details initially, you would allow us to start the troubleshooting process and follow up with answers instead of reaching out with more questions.

For example, a case that is opened with the below description will require us to follow up with additional questions:

“I get a BO error message when trying edit a record”.

If the same case was opened with a little more detail such as below, we would be able to troubleshoot and respond with an answer.  More effective, right?

“I am trying to update the status to show “on Assignment” on Job Order number xxxx”

While it might not always be apparent what details are relevant, know that the more detail, the better. Here are some guidelines to follow:

General Support Questions you could ask yourself and identify when opening a case:

  • Does this issue only happen on my PC, or does it also happen when I log onto another PC?
  • Is this issue only happening to me, or is it happening to everyone in my company?
  • What version of Internet Explorer  am I using
  • What Version of Java am I using?

Specific details you could provide when opening a case:

  • Details on what you were doing when you ran into the issue.
  • Identify the specific record, employee, Company, Assignment, etc. that you see the issue for.
  • Include screen shots

We recognize that your time is valuable and would like to do what we can to address your questions and issues as efficiently and effectively as we can. Hopefully this will help!