How to Harness Business Efficiencies Using a CRM System

shutterstock_216107743The way recruiters interact with candidates is constantly evolving. In today’s market where 24/7 technology allows mobile access day or night, speed is of the essence. In the second blog of this three part series, Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, looks at how embedding best practice through the CRM enables businesses to effectively respond to market change and ensure consultants remain effective.

In the first instance it is necessary to understand market change. Challenges often emerge, from day to day project and skills requirements to economic changes affecting the whole marketplace. Tracking and reporting on all activity within the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables businesses to identify and respond to change through visibility and better informed management decisions.

The right CRM can help a business maximise its opportunities.  Methods such as tracking activity and sharing new contacts are key, because as everyone in recruitment knows, information is only valuable for a short period of time.

Improving Efficiency

This is probably one of most important points about adopting a CRM system. By using the CRM to embed good processes across the business, organisations can significantly reduce the average cost to place the candidate. It will also ensure that time is not wasted by painstakingly searching through candidate credentials, visa checks and CRB checks – greatly beneficial to recruiters as they have a legal requirement to record and update compliance information.

The right CRM should enable processes which have traditionally taken five or six clicks to be quicker and easier – making the placement process much more efficient overall. Features such as real time dashboards, drag & drop functions, ‘To do’ lists with reminders and real time visibility of all new Temporary or Contract staff will help agencies to improve visibility and management of the end-to-end recruitment process – transforming consultant effectiveness.

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