How Front Office Staffing Software Helps Create Paperless Agencies

Paperless“Computers will make your life easier and require you to use less paper than ever before,” I was told.  But quite the opposite has happened.  The Information Age seems to have resulted in more paper around some offices than ever before.  And the office of a staffing agency is no different.

Until now, that is.  You see, front office staffing software is helping to quickly make paperless staffing agencies a reality.  It’s later than all the computer salesmen told us a couple decades ago, but it is no doubt here. Hopefully, our flying cars and light sabers aren’t far behind, but for now, let’s explore the technology that’s available.

How Front Office Staffing Software Can Take Your Agency Paperless

“Paperless” is a strong claim.  But, I’ll happily show you three concrete ways front office staffing software can help transition your agency to a paperless environment.

The first one is easy – scan those paper resumes into your system.  It’ll be time consuming at first, but you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to convert them to a digital format.  Just take a look at the long-term benefits – fewer lost resumes and an easier time finding the ones you need.

The second example I have for you here is killer.  Think about the older, typical application process.  You sent out a packet of application materials, waited to hear back, and tried to decipher the handwriting received.  In the digital age, some agencies still adhere to this paper-based process.  Software not only helps automate the application process and make it electronic, it results in dramatically lower usage of paper.  Not only that, it can save countless future hours, as organizing and searching for digital application information is just so much faster.

Finally, you can keep better track of all of those W-4s and I-9s.  What about all of those other employment forms?  They can be stored by your software, too.  What a relief.

Take the Transition to Paperless One Step at a Time

Once you go paperless, you’ll never want to go back.  Take it slowly if you have to, but keep in mind that going paperless means you’ll be more organized, save on space, and save money on ink and paper. And personally, you will be more efficient, meaning you will be able to spend more time finding the perfect job candidates for the perfect clients.

To learn more about how front office staffing software by Bond US can help your agency make the transition to paperless, request a free demo.

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