Four useful mobile phone applications for staffing and recruiting professionals

As a recruiting and staffing professional, you are always going to be on the go, which is why having the greatest tools at your fingertips is important. For many people, the smartphone has become like a second appendage. Mobile application developers have designed an amazing array of applications that you can use every day for the platform of your choice that can help you be more organized and productive in your recruiting and staffing efforts.

Consider the merits of using a few of these four mobile applications for professionals:

1) Evernote. If you’re looking for an effortless note-taking application that allows you to synch these tidbits of information with all of your devices via the cloud, then Evernote is the answer. This application is effortless to use and has excellent search capabilities if you’re one of those people who is constantly jotting something down. In addition, the stacking feature of this application allows you to organize notes in a folder system. You can take more than simple text notes with this tool. Evernote designers have given you the ability to save images, tag videos and record audio as individual notes themselves. The designers of Evernote have made sure to deliver on their promise of creating an easy-to-use application that is accessible where ever and when ever you need it.

2) Chrome. If you’re a fan of Chrome’s desktop interface than you should do yourself a favor and download the iPhone Chrome application. This mobile app isn’t much different than the Safari browser, except the interface is easier to use and has a few more features. The real difference between the two different browser applications is Chrome’s Omnibox or combined URL address and search bar, reports PC Magazine. Google’s Chrome is, according to the company, the most popular web browser for both Mac and PC users, so it makes sense that so many people are excited to see the mobile application finally come to life.

3) Dashlane. Don’t be too embarrassed if you have to admit that you’re one of those people who constantly forgets passwords. Like the phrase goes, “there’s an app for that!” For iPhone users, Dashlane has won the hearts of reviewers at PC Magazine. The simple design of the password manager application allows you to auto complete some information so that you’re not retyping the same information over and over. Because this nifty little tool contains all of your password information for work and personal accounts, you’re going to be directed to create a very strong password for this tool. However, some may believe that a password manager application is worth the convenience and peace of mind. The free version of this application does not allow you to log into sites automatically from the app, but the Premium option, which as of May 2013 cost $4.99 a month, will allow you to click the website you want and directs you there from the password manager interface.

4) Hootsuite. If you’re constantly on social network sites you might benefit from the use of a social media management tool. Instead of logging in and out of multiple social media interfaces like Facebook or Twitter, use Hootsuite to update both of them at the same time. The interface is easy-to-use, simple in design and provides you with a number of fun features.

In addition to using these applications on your phone, a recruiting software that is cloud accessible is also key for ultimate productivity. Bond offers a mobile application that gives you access to your critical recruiting and sales data. Don’t let yourself fall behind the competition because you constantly have to walk back to a desktop and log into a system to check something. Get all the answers you need right from your phone. What mobile tools are you using as a staffing professional?

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