Specialist Engineering Headhunters, Reflection Recruitment, Partner with Bond International Software for Service Levels and Software Capabilities

Reflection Recruitment LogoReflection Recruitment, specialist Engineering headhunters have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Founded in 2014 by James Roadnight, recruiter and headhunter with over 20 years of experience, Reflection Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of Engineers within the Building Services, Utilities and Defence sectors. The Reflection Recruitment team expertly source talent and deliver Permanent and Temporary solutions for clients across the UK and Europe. Recruiting in candidate-driven markets where required skills are often difficult to find, Reflection Recruitment utilise in-depth market mapping, executive search and headhunting techniques to identify the right candidates; and position their client businesses in the most compelling ways to attract the talent they require.

Upon undertaking a review of the recruitment software market, James and the Reflection Recruitment team considered both provider service levels and software functionality of equal importance. As James put it, “We were looking for a service provider to build a long-term partnership with, not just sell us software and move on to the next prospect.” Key aspects of their assessment included ensuring the provider was UK-based, offered reliable telephone support throughout the working day and delivered flexible online and onsite training options. On the software functionality front, the ability to customise recruitment dashboards, run workflow with minimal new screens and clicks, and modify and save documents without leaving the CRM were high on their list of requirements.

As their review concluded, the Reflection Recruitment team partnered with Bond due to the provider’s extended telephone support hours, choice of webinar and in-person training, current software functionality and future development roadmap. The team responded to the high-levels of customisation available within the Adapt Studio dashboard system and the ease of amending and saving documents, such as CVs and interview confirmations, within the CRM itself due to Bond’s ADA (Adapt Desktop Agent) technology. James explained, “Setting-up custom dashboards or modifying CVs on the fly provides real business benefits – live data instantly runs through every dashboard you create and quickly updating CVs without opening further software saves a significant amount of time in the long run.” Key features of the Reflection Recruitment deployment include:

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling users to choose from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Lead Generation – real-time business development dashboards within Adapt Studio enable users to effectively track leads and opportunities and grade their priority
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing consultants to access AdaptUX via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move

James Roadnight, Managing Director, Reflection Recruitment comments, “When working with some of the biggest names in the industry and constantly hunting specific skills in candidate-driven markets, our software provider must deliver service levels we can confidently rely upon. When it comes to software efficiency and tech support, there simply isn’t time to procrastinate or wait in a queue. With AdaptUX and the services Bond provide we have the system and partner provider enabling us to really focus on the tasks at hand, without unnecessary distraction, and achieve even more for our clients. AdaptUX delivers where it counts and Bond deliver when it counts.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “James and the Reflection Recruitment team are trusted partners to many organisations integral to the UK Engineering industry. We are delighted they have partnered with Bond and put their trust in us to help them drive new efficiencies across their specialist headhunting processes. We are keen to implement the latest AdaptUX technology to further empower their consultants, and we fully expect them to continue finding talent in hard to reach places and delivering the skills the industry needs.”