Embracing the Benefits of Recruitment Technology

BondTechIn this blog Carrie Roberts, Training Team Leader at Bond International Software, looks at team training to get the most value from your recruitment technology.

Although companies are now looking at a brighter economic future and market activity is increasing on a regular basis, there is still a drive to remain as efficient as possible. With budgets still being scrutinised and every piece of the office workflow being analysed for efficiency, it is important that you are getting the most out of your technology and it is really meeting your business needs.

One way of achieving this is to ensure your employees are fully trained to use the relevant technology or software required for their role. It may seem a simple task but getting the training right can make a big difference as there are a variety of online and offline training methods available – such as webinars, classroom based sessions and one-to-one training sessions.

There are many different learning styles, the most popular seven being; visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary. From the outset it is important to consider both the information content of each training session and an employee’s learning personality type.

Online technology has opened up new ways of training, making it much more accessible for many people. This said, the majority of learning styles can be met using traditional face-to-face offline training methods. For us, when we train team members from recruitment consultancies across the globe, we find that using face-to-face training has its benefits when conducting our Adapt training sessions.

Particularly where technology – whether a new product or system – is being used, going through the steps required by a user manually, in an offline environment, can transform the speed with which an employee becomes really productive. No doubt we have all been in a situation where we need to contact technology support teams to help us with various pieces of software or programs, and ensuring all employees who are using a specific piece of technology are fully up-to-speed and confident can drive down time spent trying to source answers to questions.

In the constantly evolving and moving world of recruitment, can you really afford for a team member not to be fully engaged, effective or productive? Timing is often of the essence and getting the right candidate matched with the right role before the competition is becoming an increasing challenge, with many recruiters exploiting mobile devices to work outside standard working hours and office environments. Technology is a great enabler for the recruitment industry and can increase efficiencies, streamline workflows and decrease costs. But it is essential to ensure that the people who are using it are fully trained and comfortable with any new tool or technique.

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