Elwood Staffing to Deploy Bond’s Recruiting and Staffing Software Throughout Combined Elwood/SOS Employment Group

Elwood Staffing to gain operational efficiencies among its now nearly 1,000 employees with the deployment of Bond International Software’s StaffSuite recruiting and staffing software throughout the combined organization.

Elwood Staffing became one of the staffing industry’s largest firms with its acquisition of SOS Employment Group in February of 2013. Elwood now boasts a combined annual revenue of more than $800 million and ranks in the top 20 of all U.S. staffing companies. As the two businesses shared aggressive growth goals, values and a strong focus on relationships, the next challenge was to determine how best to improve the collective operational efficiencies to continue their growth.

To support the combined company’s vision of growth, a comprehensive review of their internal systems, processes, and staffing and recruiting software was undertaken. As a result, Bond International Software’s StaffSuite staffing software was chosen for deployment throughout the united organization.

Bond’s StaffSuite is a robust, fully-integrated front-to-back office staffing software uniquely suited to large enterprise staffing organizations such as Elwood Staffing, who recognized its potential to support their growth when they chose it in 2001. At the time John Elwood, President  of Elwood Staffing said, “We selected Bond’s staffing and recruiting software rather than other solutions for a number of reasons. First, Bond’s reputation within the industry played a strong part in our decision. We needed an integrated solution with a strong back office that could scale to meet our growth plans.”

And scale StaffSuite has. Since 2001 Elwood has grown with StaffSuite from 40 licenses to nearly 500 licenses. And the expansion of StaffSuite throughout the combined organization will increase the number of licenses to nearly 1,000. Importantly, Bond continually adds enhancements to StaffSuite that builds on its ability to aid staffing and recruiting companies like Elwood to deliver exceptional customer service and profitably manage its operations from front office through back office.

John Elwood, commenting on the selection of StaffSuite, noted that, “Our review of our processes and software was driven by the needs of our well-established cultures of sophistication, entrepreneurship and innovation. Bond’s StaffSuite came out on top as our choice to support our vision for several reasons, but perhaps most important to us was Bond’s commitment to us over the years – and in the future – to deliver the software and services we need to reach our goals.”

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc., said “Elwood Staffing is an amazing story of success. With the accquisition of SOS Employment Group, the firm now services 6,000 clients annually and places some 27,000 temporary associates daily. We are very pleased that they’ve chosen Bond’s StaffSuite to support their operations and help them achieve their vision. Elwood’s trust in StaffSuite’s capabilities is a testament to Bond’s excellent support, reliable software and the formation of a good partnership consistently demonstrated over many years. This is the kind of winning partnership we want to have with all of our customers.”


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