Efficient Recruitment: How Can Electronic Signatures Help?

Electronic Signatures 200x200How do you save time, and in some cases DAYS, when it comes to clients and candidates signing and returning documents? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Adapt, explains why electronic signatures could be the answer…

Put electronic signatures to work

Electronic signatures are a great way to quickly and easily confirm contracts with clients and candidates. When a contract is sent by email or needs to be signed with a pen and returned via the Royal Mail, when is that contract going to come back? Do you even know it’s been delivered? Maybe, if you can track it. Do you know if it’s been signed? Not unless you phone the client and contractor to ask. Once signed, how long will it actually take for the contract to come back to you? Onerous, time consuming processes and overheads you can do without. Yes, you could use FedEx etc. but that becomes costly.

So how can you speed up the process?

The key to saving time and money in this process is sending contracts as quickly as possible and having them signed and tracked in your recruitment software in real-time. Electronic signatures enable you to do this. As soon as placements are made and contracts are ready to be confirmed, they can be drawn-up digitally and sent quickly to clients and candidates. Both parties can provide an electronic signature at the click of a button, which is automatically tracked back in Adapt – all the legal documentation is in place and everything is ready to go. A lot of money is saved in terms of administration, and placement fees are guaranteed faster.

Electronic Signature Software can help

Adapt easily integrates with a number of electronic signature software applications. Let’s use Adobe eSign as an example. eSign is a PDF/Adobe Acrobat based system, where clients and candidates receive an email with a hyperlink to click on, read the contract within a web browser and simply click ‘Sign’ to accept. That’s all they need to do. An actual written signature is not required, just a click on the right link. The contract is audited and tracked in terms of when it was delivered and signed and version control is also taken care of. If a party does not wish to sign because some details are incorrect, they can query this within the online portal and the recruitment agency is notified straight away – then they can re-issue the contract. Using the mail could add another week to this process!

Electronic signatures aren’t just a huge benefit during the contract process. They can also be used for any kind of on boarding or application process document. These could range from employee handbooks, authorisation forms for direct deposit, or client specific acknowledgement forms. Any time you need a signature, using software to speed up the process just makes sense.

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