CRM Systems in Recruitment: a Supplier and Recruiter Point of View

CRMsystemsChoosing the right CRM system for your agency is critical to your business. It is a long term investment requiring careful consideration – but with so many options available, how do you find the right system for your company and implement it effectively?

From researching suppliers to seeking out recommendations from your industry colleagues, researching deployment options, integrations with 3rd party supplier options and finally exploring price & cost levels – if you consider all of these options and do your sums right,  the benefits of selecting the right CRM system for your business will outweigh the cost of the investment.

In a recent feature by Recruitment International magazine, CRM systems are looked at from both the supplier and the recruiters point of view. A range of CRM system providers gave their advice, including James Lawson, Business Development Manager – Bond International Software:

“Over the past few years, the recruitment industry has often questioned the level of customer service being offered by recruiters. Indeed, it seems the economic crisis has taken recruiters’ minds temporarily off their clients and candidates whilst they have been concentrating on maintaining business stability.” 

With the Institute of Recruiters (I.O.R) making it their mission to transform the recruitment industry so that an improved service can be offered, it is time for the humble CRM system to take centre stage:

CRM systems are simple tools which allow even the most mediocre of recruiters to offer first class customer service, become more organised and savvy to work priorities, and remove much of the administrative burden to make more time for them to focus on their core recruitment competencies. 

When implementing new CRM systems, recruiters need to ensure that both employees and clients will benefit from the change. This will guarantee the initiative is both as cost effective and pain free as possible. And how can recruiters be certain that implementing a new CRM system will be worthy of the investment, time and effort required of such a feat, at a time when budgets remain tight? 

Products and services must be as flexible as possible so that they can be adapted to meet the business requirements of many different recruitment agencies. To guarantee the flexibility of products, providers of recruitment software must listen to their clients to ensure that technology is being used appropriately. There is no point developing technology that will only deliver short term ‘gimmicks’ that satisfy a temporary perceived need or unsupported desire. Instead, efforts should be directed towards delivering quantifiable, readily identifiable ROI and competitive advantage. 

Applying a “best fit” approach, recruitment software providers can ensure that the right applications are used to meet the needs of each recruitment consultant. The recession has had a damaging impact on the standard of customer service within the recruitment industry, and in order to combat these failings, recruiters need to ensure they are maintaining close engagement with their target audience. This will allow issues to be identified and solved via innovative, flexible CRM systems …’

For information about the Adapt system, please go to or email us at

Further Information about Adapt:

• Bond International Software’s CRM system is completely configurable, with an engine that can accommodate any changes in future platforms and technologies. With over 37 years of experience, the system is based upon user requirements and research. This means that Bond proactively listens to existing clients and prospects to collaboratively enhance their CRM system with functionality that is continually on demand.

• Adapt is used all over the world and is also used to run Bond International Software’s business internally; clear testament to its success.

• Bond International Software offers full training on their system, and also 24 hour support for any level and user.

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