Contractor Recruitment: How Do You Ensure Repeat Business?

Contractors 200x200How do you effectively retain contractors and ensure consistently high levels of repeat business are achieved? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Adapt, shares some great tips for recruiters looking to be more effective when dealing with contractor populations

Once a contractor placement has been made, the right client and contractor aftercare activity throughout the following three, six or twelve months is vital to generating further business.

Retain your contractors

Be proactive about retaining your contractor for next time. Don’t wait for the contract to end and say “Right, now we need to find you more work or look to see if an extension is possible.” A contractor will appreciate you saying “Okay, your contract is due to end in a couple of months’ time, let’s start looking at what you can do immediately afterwards, so you don’t have a period without work.” Don’t leave things up in the air. This is great for you as well, because that contractor is less likely to be re-placed by another recruitment agency if they know their next contact is taken care of.

Know when their contracts end

Adapt Studio can help with the process of retaining contractors because it not only shows new starters and current contractors, it also shows contracts due to end. This allows for the opportunity of extensions, because Adapt alerts you in good time, ensuring you are well placed to proactively re-engage with clients and secure those contract extensions. There may even be the possibility of increasing the rates or recreating the contract terms proactively to ensure your contractors stay within their contracts and they’re renewed for a good period of time. Its win-win, good customer service and a good way to ensure your fees are regenerated.

Quickly find them new contracts

Of course, a contract may need to end and the client may not need that contractor anymore, but it’s best to know this upfront – then you can find work for them earlier. In Adapt Studio you can quickly drill-down into contractor’s records – then one click on InSight Match and you’ll soon be finding new contracts suitable for that individual. The sooner you start presenting your contractors to clients, the more chance you’ll have of placing them when their current contract ends.


Making the most of the contractor population tools within your recruitment software will help you deliver great client and contractor customer service – and more retained contractors and placement fees will follow. It’s win-win.

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