Bond eEmpACT staffing software update improves paperless staffing capabilities and streamlines candidate searching

Bond eEmpACT update introduces the ability to attach timecard data to electronic invoices reducing the use of paper documents and adds new searchable fields improving the efficiency of candidate searches.

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced the 1st Quarter release of Bond eEmpACT staffing software. This update includes a number of customer-requested enhancements designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of staffing and recruiting professionals.

First, additional flexibility is introduced into eEmpACT staffing and recruiting software enabling end users to attach timecard data to electronic invoices. Whether entered via the timecard function in eEmpACT’s eConnect Web portal or directly entered into eEmpACT, this new capability makes it easy during the billing process to indicate that timecard information should be included with the invoice.

Second, eEmpACT’s sophisticated UltraMatch candidate search capability gains a number of new fields that can be included within the search for greater efficiencies. These make it simple to find candidates that have been added into the system within a certain date range, with certain local tax codes, through Web Accounts, or by other criteria in user-defined fields. Also, new columns are now available, such as Alerts, in the UltraMatch search results to view additional information directly from the results without having to go into each record.

Lastly, with this eEmpACT Version 17, release Bond added support for changing taxation and governmental regulations along with technology support for Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (eEmpACT Plus only).

This update is available to all active Bond eEmpACT customers.


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Bond StaffSuite staffing software update adds candidate radius area search capability

Bond StaffSuite update enables recruiters and staffing coordinators to quickly find candidates within a defined physical search radius and speed up the time-to-fill for each job order.

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced the 1st Quarter release of Bond StaffSuite staffing software. This update includes a number of enhancements designed to improve the speed, efficiency and productivity of staffing and recruiting professionals in fast-paced temporary staffing companies.

When staffing and recruiting companies are tasked with finding the right candidate for a particular assignment or job, the proximity of the job-site to the residence of the candidate is often a vital consideration for the candidate. In this release of StaffSuite, new searching capabilities for recruiters and staffing coordinators give them the ability to quickly find candidates within a specified search area.

Importantly, these radius searches can be done within StaffSuite’s robust employee, company, company rep, and assignment search functions, which improve the ease and speed of searching. These fine-tuned targeted search areas are based on updated postal codes in conjunction with the current advanced search parameters available in StaffSuite. With fast and easy candidate radius search capabilities, recruiters and staffing coordinators can find likely candidates who are physically near the job site and are thus more likely to accept the assignment or job offer.

In addition to StaffSuite staffing software’s new radius search function, several other enhancements are included in this release to improve temporary staffing operations. For example, with StaffSuite’s new Bill Factor precision, customers can increase their bottom line with the ability to set Bill Factors to four decimal places and maximize the margin dollars for OverTime and DoubleTime rates. Also, additional new Mass Activities functions increase efficiencies in completing Make a Note Activities and the ability to conduct multiple employee terminations at once.

Finally, with this StaffSuite Version 7.0 release, Bond has added support for changing taxation and governmental regulations along with the latest Vertex software update, Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 compatibility and an Oracle database upgrade.

This update is available to all active Bond StaffSuite customers.


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Bond International Software plc announces unaudited preliminary results for 2013

Bond International Software plc, a world leading supplier of staffing, HR and payroll software and services, with operations in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Singapore and Australia, today announces its audited preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2013.



  • Recurring Revenues now represent 95% of adminsitrative expenses (2012: 92%)
  • Administrative expenses* reduced 4.1% to £24.6m (2012: £25.7m)
  • Operating profit* up 23% to £3.4m (2012 £2.7m)
  • Profit before tax up 193% to £1.6m (2012: £0.56m)
  • Diluted earnings per share up 56% to 3.5p (2012: 2.3p)
  • Recommended Final Dividend up 22% to 2.2p (2012: 1.8p)
  • Moved to net cash position of £1.4m (2012 net debt: £1.8m)

* Pre amortisation of intangibles assets and exceptional items and impairment of intangible assets


  • £8.5m Acquisition of Eurowage Limited (FMP Europe)
    • A fully managed International Payroll solution to multi-national companies in the UK and overseas
    • Adds international payroll solutions to Bond’s portolio of product offerings
    • Immediately earnings enhancing
  • Significant contract wins with Capita PLC, Carpertrght plc and Elwood Staffing
  • The board believe the Group is well placed to benefit from the ongoing economic recovery

Commenting on the results Chief Executive Steve Russell, said:

“The group is seeing all our worldwide recruitment markets improve on a real and sustainable basis. The reorganisation in our US business is having a positive effect, Asia Pacific continues to present opportunities for significant growth and our payroll operations continue to show material upside underpinned by the acquisition of Eurowage to the group. We have made good strategic progress this year and are confident on the future prospects of the Group.”

For further information, please contact:

Bond International Software plc:
Tel: 01903 707070

Steve Russell: Group Chief Executive
Bruce Morrison: Group Finance Director

Tel: 020 7466 5000

Tim Thompson
Gabriella Clinkard

Cenkos Securities Limited
Tel: 020 7397 8900

Stephen Keys


Chairman’s Statement

I am pleased to report the results for the year ended 31 December 2013 which shows a year of improving profitability with operating profit before amortisation of all intangible assets and exceptional items rising by 13.1% to £6,124,000 (2012: £5,413,000) and operating profit before the amortisation of acquired intangibles up by 23.0% to £3,419,000 compared with £2,779,000 in 2012.

As previously reported, the group’s strategy has focussed on growing recurring revenues as part of its drive to build value in the business. Recurring revenues provide less benefit in the year in which the business is acquired but in the longer term they are more valuable to the group and to the future value of the business.  The recurring revenues were marginally down on 2012, as they were impacted by the expiry of a fixed term contract which we are now invoicing on a time and materials basis. However the underlying trend continues to be upwards as we focus on increasing our SaaS (Software as a Service) customers along with recurring revenues from other sources such as the group’s payroll operations. Looking forward the group expects to see increasing revenues from SaaS although the impact will be offset to some extent by reducing support revenues from our legacy products. In 2013 recurring revenues were £23,365,000 compared to £23,609,000 in 2012. These now represent a substantial 67% of total revenues (2012: 67%) and cover 95% (2012; 92%) of the group’s administrative expenses (excluding the amortisation of intangible assets).  These have reduced by 4.1% from £25,738,000 in 2012 to £24,672,000 in 2013.

Profit before exceptional items has increased by 57.2% to £1,809,000 (2012: £1,151,000) and the group has made a profit before tax of £1,634,000 compared with £558,000 in 2012.

The group has a reported undiluted earnings per share from continuing operations of 3.52p (2012: 2.30p) and diluted earnings per share from continuing operations of 3.52p (2012: 2.30p).  In order to assist with understanding the underlying performance of the group we have reported adjusted earnings per share excluding the effects of the amortisation of acquired intangibles and one-off exceptional items.  On this basis the adjusted profit after tax was £2,726,000 (2012: £2,556,000) and the adjusted undiluted earnings per share were 6.60p (2012: 6.19p) and the adjusted diluted earnings per share were 6.60p (2012: 6.19p).

The group generated £7,851,000 of cash from operating activities (2012: £3,952,000) helped by a reduction in the working capital requirement of £1,346,000 through improved credit control and cash collection. The group’s capital expenditure on property, plant and equipment and internally generated product development increased by 6.5% to £4,184,000 (2012:£3,927,000) and the dividend payment increased by 50% from £496,000 to £744,000.  The positive cash flows allowed the group to turn net debt of £1,790,000 at the end of 2012 to net cash of £1,352,000 at the end of 2013.

Based on the progress made by the group, I am pleased to say that the board is recommending the payment of a dividend of 2.2p per share which is a 22% increase on last year.  The payment is subject to shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2014 and, if approved, will be made on 8 August 2014 to shareholders on the register at 18 July 2014.


We have today announced the conditional acquisition of Eurowage Limited, which trades as FMP Europe, for a minimum consideration of £8.5m with additional amounts payable based on the company’s performance over the next three years. The company offers fully managed international payroll solutions to principally UK and USA organisations expanding into new countries.

Bond has seen its payroll operations deliver consistent growth in revenue and profitability over the last few years and is seeking to expand them further both organically and through acquisition. The payroll operations, which utilise Bond’s intellectual property, are currently operating in the UK only.  Increasingly companies with overseas subsidiaries or branches are looking for one payroll provider to meet all their payroll needs, something that Bond cannot offer in its own right. In order to broaden its customer base to multinational companies in the UK and international companies, primarily in the US, the board believes that the Bond has to offer payroll solutions in countries other than the UK.

Eurowage provides managed payroll solutions in many countries around the world to both UK based and overseas based customers.  Bond has already partnered with the Eurowage on previous deals but believe that bringing them into the Bond group will strengthen its product offering and drive sustainable growth in revenues and profits from payroll operations. Furthermore Bond’s existing customer base includes organisations with operations in many countries around the world and to whom the group will be well placed to offer international managed payroll solutions through Eurowage.

The company which was established in 2005 has seen revenues grow to £3.90m in 2013 with a profit before tax of £1.78m and the board believe that it will be earnings enhancing from the date of acquisition.


The group employs 460 people in our offices around the world. A motivated and committed workforce is vital to the continuing development of the group and I would like to thank all the staff for their continuing hard work, dedication and loyalty to the group.


The board has been encouraged by the start to 2014.  Trading conditions are good in the major markets in which we operate and we believe the group is well placed to benefit from the ongoing economic recovery.  The acquisition we announced today will complement our payroll bureau operation by allowing us to offer international payroll solutions to customers and prospects alike.

Martin Baldwin
8 April 2014

Bond AdaptSuite software enhancements improve flexibility and control over day-to-day recruiting and staffing operations

New features in Bond AdaptSuite version 2.5 give recruiting and staffing professionals greater control over processes that result in better efficiency and productivity.

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announce the release of Bond AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software Version 2.5. This latest version includes new features designed to expand the efficiency, flexibility, and control of the day-to-day operational processes related to staffing and recruiting front-office, temporary employee payroll, and customer billing.

In the business of staffing and recruiting, having the ability to quickly and accurately respond to the needs of clients regarding their job orders and assignments is critical to providing consistently superior customer service. Well-known for its speed and efficiency, Bond’s AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software expands on its world-class capabilities in this newest release.

In front-office recruiting, Bond AdaptSuite users can save time and effort with the new Mass Rate change that enables the user to update the pay and/or bill rates for multiple assignments at once.

Additionally, a staffing and recruiting company may often have various default communication templates that they use for requesting resumes or sending other communications to their contacts or candidates. Offering greater flexibility, Bond AdaptSuite now provides user-defined templates that allow users to set the default text and merge fields for each of their email and letter templates. This saves valuable time in getting information directly to candidates or clients. Further, in conjunction with AdaptSuite’s powerful integration with MS Outlook, all communications are logged as journal entries to provide visibility for the whole team regarding the communication trail for each record.

Back-office productivity is improved as well with Bond’s AdaptSuite. A staffing and recruiting company’s financial administrator can now tailor multiple invoice templates based upon the end client’s needs. If a staffing and recruiting company operates under multiple corporations or tax groups, the custom check templates can be individually branded and linked to the specific bank account for that corporation.

Lastly, AdaptSuite’s online Web Portal has been enhanced to offer customers the ability to view invoices, while temporary employees can securely review their payroll check history. This gives both customers and employees more flexibility to immediately access their information on the Web.

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. President and CEO noted that “Bond’s AdaptSuite recruiting software advances with each new release. We enable our customers to employ world-class best practices throughout their organization that are proven time and effort savers. By implementing AdaptSuite’s cloud-based solution, staffing and recruiting companies can achieve significant operational efficiencies that help them to improve customer service response and their own bottom-line profitability.”

REGISTER online for a personal demonstration of Bond AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software or call Bond sales at 800-318-4983.

DOWNLOAD the AdaptSuite brochure.


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Bond releases White Paper on best practices for sales team selection, training and development

Bond US Sales Selection, Training and Development Report 2014

Attain Valuable Sales Development Insight from your Peers

Bond US conducted a Sales Selection, Training and Development Survey to discover how effectively firms are choosing, training and supporting their sales teams.

We provide a platform for victory that incorporates tips on how to:

  1. Build Your Team
  2. Provide Solid Training
  3. Coach And Lead Them
  4. Measure By The Numbers
  5. Provide Tools To Win

Your sales team will thank you – claim your copy of the whitepaper today at the link below!

Bond wins three-year contract worth A$1.6m

Bond International Software plc, the specialist provider of software for the international recruitment and human resources industries, is pleased to announce it has won a three year contract, worth $1.6million AUD, with a leading global recruitment company for the deployment of Bond Adapt. The contract is effective immediately.

The contract was won through Bond International’s local Australian office and will be implemented initially in offices in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Bond Adapt is a staffing and recruitment software system which manages the entire placement cycle, simplifies processes and provides consultancies of all sizes with cutting-edge tools; enabling recruiters to be as effective as possible and gain competitive advantage.

Steve Russell, CEO of Bond International Software commented:

“This contract win is another important step for the Company and demonstrates the importance of our investments in the Asia Pacific region, which we believe hold significant potential for the Group. We have made great progress in growing Bond International so far this year, including the acquisition of Eurowage last month and this is another positive step for the Company.”


For further information, please contact:

Bond International Software plc:
Tel: 01903 707070
Steve Russell: Group Chief Executive
Bruce Morrison: Group Finance Director

Tel: 0207 466 5000
Richard Darby
Gabriella Clinkard

Cenkos Securities Limited:
Tel: 020 7397 8900
Stephen Keys
Camilla Hume

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Bond International Software gives customers a ‘Passport to Success’ with staffing and recruiting software at annual User Meeting in Atlanta

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, concluded its annual User Meeting in Atlanta with attending customers expressing their enthusiasm for the program and Bond’s recent software updates and future plans.

The theme for this years’ event, ‘Passport to Success’ emphasized how Bond’s staffing and recruiting software gives savvy agencies a winning edge in today’s fast-changing business climate. With the staffing industry showing strong growth, the Bond User Meeting saw its largest attendance in more than a decade as customers convened at the landmark Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downtown.

Among the highlights of the intense two-day agenda were:

  • Keynote speaker Mike Jacoutot, Founder and Managing Partner of Butler Street, LLC, speaking on “The Power of Process for Client Acquisition, Retention, and Expansion.”
  • Keynote speaker Mike Cleland, CEO of Charted Path, on “Breaking Through: Transforming Your Data into a Catalyst for Profitable Growth.”
  • Demonstrations and future roadmap plans for Bond’s AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software, including insights into such features as the Sales Studio, the Recruiting Studio, and AdaptSuite’s integrated payroll and billing functions.
  • Sessions covering tips, techniques, integrations, and modules for AdaptSuite as well as Bond’s eEmpACT and StaffSuite staffing and recruiting software applications.
  • Sessions featuring the offerings of Bond partners PeopleNet and ICC Global Hosting.

Ed Simpson, Vice President of Business Development, The Forum Group, said that, “Experiencing and witnessing Bond’s employee commitment to excellence through honest open dialogue, combined with their solid industry experience, raised my confidence level and excited me about the competitive advantage our company can have using our Bond software if we truly partner and work closely together.”

As always, the learning, discovery, and networking included some fun, as attendees joined many of the staff of Bond’s Atlanta headquarters for a casino night dinner buffet.

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. President and CEO noted that “The Bond User Meeting offers a terrific opportunity for our customers to network and interact with Bond’s staff as we share with them our products, services, and strategies for the future. Bond’s AdaptSuite recruiting software demonstrated to all of our customers unprecedented levels of unified efficiency that give them the tools they need to succeed. At the same time, we are pleased to show our sustained improvement of and support for all of our software products that continue to provide those customers with the value and productivity they require. Only Bond, with its depth of experienced resources, has the capabilities to effectively support so many customers on different software packages.”


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TRC Staffing Services Case Study Shows Process Improvement with Bond Adapt Recruiting Software

Case Study Shows Bond Adapt Staffing Software and Collaboration Give TRC Staffing Services Adaptability, Process Improvement

Bond International Software, Inc. customer TRC Staffing Services, Inc. is a national recruiting center based in Atlanta, with 40 locations around the country. In 2011, the company foresaw potential opportunities in the industry, but the software company they had at the time was unwilling to work with them to implement the modifications they needed to move forward with their strategy. In addition, the old staffing software could not incorporate TRC business policies, slowing down certain recruiting procedures.

The solution for TRC was Bond’s configurable Adapt staffing and recruiting software

TRC chose Bond over the other eight software companies they considered due to the adaptability of Bond’s Adapt staffing software solutions and because of the strategic partnerships that Bond builds with its clients.

“The ability and willingness of Bond to configure their software to meet our needs was a crucial factor in our decision,” says John Clifford, vice president and chief information officer at TRC. “Bond makes their software available to end users, who then host their own version of the application and can make the modifications they need to support their business.”

Bond Adapt delivers performance that helps drive business

Among the many business benefits that TRC now has with Bond Adapt staffing and recruiting software are:

  • The incorporation of TRC’s business policies — such as the addition of a candidate status pipeline with built-in prerequisites that require staff to document that certain tasks are completed, such as background checks, drug testing and tax documentation, before candidates are placed.
  • Adapt interfaces with TRC’s preferred electronic forms management software to reduce the effort and time associated with collecting and managing required candidate tax forms and other paper work.
  • Easy visibility of meaningful data within Adapt allows managers to better view staff employee performance and pinpoint areas for training and improvement.
  • Improves the sales process by enabling sales reps to demonstrate to prospects how TRC can manage compliance, testing, and more through Adapt with speed and efficiency.
  • Adapt enables TRC to easily manage changes in laws and policies, such as new reports required under the Affordable Care Act.

Another benefit is how Bond partners with its clients like TRC. “We value our strategic alliance with Bond,” says Clifford. “They are growing with us and vice versa — that’s one of the key things that led us to look for a new solution, why we chose Bond and why we’re still with Bond.”


For More Information on Adapt and AdaptSuite

Learn more about how Adapt and AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software can be configured to enable your staffing business to grow and thrive by downloading our brochure.


Bond eEmpACT Recruiting and Staffing Software Q2 Release Expands Timecard and Resume Import Functionalities

Users gain flexibility and save time with the ability to easily import time card .csv (comma separated value) files for payroll processing. Plus, a new and improved resume import wizard simplifies entry of employee information and expands skill-mapping capabilities in order to identify the best matched candidates for open positions.

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced the 2nd Quarter release of Bond eEmpACT staffing software. This update includes a number of customer-requested enhancements designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of staffing and recruiting professionals.

Staffing coordinators can now import Time Card data in a standard .csv (comma separated value) file from virtually any Time & Attendance system.  Users can map the source pay codes to eEmpACT’s pay codes; a valuable feature that increases efficiency in processing Time Cards. This new Time Card import feature is easy to use and provides a staging area to search, review and confirm data prior to batch creation for seamless processing.

eEmpACT’s Resume Import feature is now a streamlined four-step wizard that walks users through the import of resumes in various formats. What recruiters will like about this most is the robust parsing functionality with clear visibility as to what information and how that information has been parsed.  The Skills section has been expanded for improved handling of resumes for Industrial and Light Industrial service lines.  With the enhanced skill-mapping capabilities, data integrity raises and searching for matching candidates becomes even better.

In addition to the above, more than seventy five (75) enhancements were made and several report and process updates were introduced including customizable proofing reports with configurable alerts.

This update is available to all active Bond eEmpACT customers.


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Bond Releases Whitepaper on Techniques for Conquering the Sales Process for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, shares insights on effectively onboarding and managing a top-performing sales team.

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, is announcing the release of its latest whitepaper covering techniques for conquering the power of the sales process for staffing and recruiting agencies. Bond interviewed top sales gurus and recruiting experts to uncover their world-class advice, from the best onboarding practices through valuable metrics analysis that can propel recruitment agency growth.

Looking to top performers for inspiration on training, adapting and measuring results Conquering the Recruiting Sales Team Process: Refine Your Onboarding, Development and Measurement System for Success  highlights strategies on how to:

  • Develop a strong onboarding process for new hires
  • Adapt and learn from your top performers, and
  • Measure and analyze results.

For example, as part of the onboarding process, new hires should learn about the company’s best practices regarding contacting prospective companies without annoying valuable clients. According to Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World, 60 percent of clients buy after five “No’s,” yet:

  • 44 percent of salespeople give up after the first “No,”
  • 22 percent after the second “No” and
  • 14 percent after the third “No.”

The last step in Bond’s whitepaper shows how to take a recruiting company’s team to champion status by analyzing certain metrics. Staffing experts advise how to leverage recruiting software and other tools to track numbers and achieve goals.

Recruitment managers are busy running their staffing agencies – so Bond has taken the time to interview the experts and relay their insight and advice. This latest resource delves into how to integrate onboarding, include the expertise of your top performers, and incorporate metrics analysis into your process. Learn more by downloading Bond’s whitepaper.

In this recruiting and staffing resource, Bond also delves into strategically learning staffing solutions from a recruitment firm’s star players. Seasoned sales professionals should teach the rest of the team how to be of true value to clients, becoming viewed as a valuable partner and advisor – not just a vendor.


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