Enhancements to Bond StaffSuite staffing software include addition of QR Code Generator and Web Portal Improvements

Bond StaffSuite Staffing Software LogoLatest release of Bond StaffSuite, a flexible, scalable fully-integrated staffing solution by Bond International Software, is designed to significantly advance recruitment and marketing efficiency

Bond International Software, the global leader in recruitment and staffing software, announced today the latest release of Bond StaffSuite that includes significant enhancements to drive increased candidate traffic and recruit more efficiently.

QR Code for Bond StaffSuite staffing software URL web siteFirst among the enhancements, the new StaffSuite QR Code Generator is one of Bond’s initiatives to help staffing and recruiting firms respond to the accelerating growth of mobile smartphones. In the U.S. today, roughly 97 million of all mobile phones are smartphones, representing 50 percent of all mobile phones – a number that is projected to grow to 200 million by 2015. Significantly, increasing numbers of smartphone users are scanning QR codes that enable them to quickly and easily go directly to a Web site URL. For example, scanning the code at right will take you to the Bond StaffSuite site.

How the StaffSuite Quick Response Code Generator Helps Staffing and Recruiting Business

The StaffSuite QR Code Generator gives staffing and recruiting firms a new tool to easily extend their sales, marketing and recruiting with less effort. It enables staffing and recruiting firms to generate QR Codes from within their StaffSuite staffing software for any URL or contact record. For example, a QR Code can be easily produced for the company main website, their StaffSuite WorldLink staffing software Web portal, a recruiting or training video on their FTP site, and much more. A QR code can be generated from a specific assignment/position record in StaffSuite that is posted to the StaffSuite WorldLink Web portal.  The image can be used in any combination of marketing materials at job fairs or a flyer in the branch window so that a simple scan of the code would take the reader directly to the job posting on StaffSuite WorldLink site.  The QR Code Generator can also create contact records in vcard and mecard formats.

StaffSuite WorldLink Web Portal Enhancements Improve Recruiting and Employee Functions

Key among the many enhancements to the recruiting and staffing software Web portal are:

  • Ability for the StaffSuite WorldLink user (a candidate or employee) to select multiple skills, industries or occupations when applying for a job
  • Opportunity for the Staffing Service to refine the list of skills, industries and occupations that display in StaffSuite WorldLink
  • Enhanced WYSIWYG editor provides greater formatting capabilities when publishing jobs to StaffSuite WorldLink

The Q1 2012 release of Bond StaffSuite includes improvements in the popular mobile staffing software application; StaffSuite Mobile Web App. Users now have the ability to conduct an Employee Advanced Search by Employee Status. This gives sales staff, recruiters, and staffing coordinators the ability to better manage their pool of employees and candidates in relationship to customer orders and assignments while on the go with their smartphone.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc., said “StaffSuite staffing software has proven itself to be an invaluable tool to improve staffing and recruiting firms’ productivity. These enhancements give StaffSuite users more tools to manage today’s Web-savvy candidates, employees and customers.”

Request a free demo of BondStaffSuite staffing software to learn more about its latest mobile and online enhancements.

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New 2012 Enhancements to Web-Based Bond Adapt Staffing and Recruiting Software

Major integrations to Bond International Software’s flagship Adapt recruiting software enhance internet job distribution options and social media marketing to dramatically improve a recruiter’s efficiency and productivity.

Bond International Software, www.Bond-US.com, the global leader in recruiting and staffing software, announced today the newest job distribution and social media enhancements to Bond Adapt. This cloud computing SaaS release includes major improvements to Bond’s web-based solution that boost recruiter efficiency by reaching more talent on the web through job distribution integrations and via social networks.

Enhanced Job Posting Capabilities with Integrations to Indeed and Jobmagic

The most anticipated enhancements with this release include integrations with Indeed (http://www.indeed.com) and Jobmagic (http://www.jobmagic.com).

Bond Adapt recruiting and staffing software has added the ability to distribute jobs to Indeed.com, the #1 job site worldwide. The integration allows users to easily distribute jobs to Indeed, and will provide the ability to sponsor these jobs for additional exposure. “The integration between Bond Adapt and Indeed gives staffing managers a seamless way to increase the visibility of their jobs to over 60 million job seekers that use Indeed each month,” said Sam Fitzroy, Director of Alliances at Indeed.

The Jobmagic integration allows recruiters to reach candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and 300 other social networks directly from Bond Adapt. This means an enormous increase in the visibility of job postings, and the individual staffing company’s brand, as Facebook alone has over 850 million active potential candidates. Jobmagic’s powerful referral hiring and job publishing technologies make the social recruiting process easy and efficient. “Jobmagic’s platform gives staffing companies a strong competitive advantage in efficient recruiting of unique candidates,” said Jindrich Liska, CEO of Jobmagic. ”We are thrilled to work with Bond to create a more powerful presence for any staffing company within the social media talent pool.”

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond U.S., noted the importance of these integrations for recruiters in today’s recruitment sector, saying, “In today’s challenging employment market, it’s vital that recruiters have the tools they need to cut wasted effort and improve their ability to respond to customer recruiting needs. Bond Adapt’s new integrations improve the speed and effectiveness of candidate sourcing and marketing. Recruiters and their managers now have even better tools for productive and profitable staffing and recruiting.”

For more information on Bond Adapt staffing and recruiting software or to schedule a demonstration, please click www.bond-us.com or call 800-318-4983.


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About Jobmagic

Jobmagic, the leader in social media recruiting, helps companies to reach the best talent on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 300 other social networks. Jobmagic’s comprehensive platform includes advanced technologies for social media sourcing, social media optimization, automatic job publishing to social media, referral hiring, talent network management and semantic profile-based matching. Jobmagic is used by companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to startups, across all industries from retail to healthcare, and by direct employers as well as staffing and recruiting firms. For more information please visit www.jobmagic.com.

About Indeed

Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 60 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month. Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP. Since 2004, Indeed has given job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. As the leading pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network, Indeed drives millions of targeted applicants to jobs in every field and is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of companies. Indeed is a privately held company founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, with investors including The New York Times Company, Allen & Company, and Union Square Ventures. Indeed has offices in Austin, TX, Dublin, IE, London, UK, Mountain View, CA, New York, NY, and Stamford, CT. For more information, visit www.indeed.com.

Bond International Software announces upcoming release of eEmpACT V17 featuring paperless onboarding

With the new release of Bond’s eEmpACT V17 staffing software, staffing firms can boost the productivity of their operation using one staffing software solution that includes both online onboarding and electronic invoicing.

Bond International Software, www.Bond-US.com, the global leader in recruiting and staffing software, is proud to announce that eEmpACT V17, the next generation staffing software solution, will be officially released following the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum in Las Vegas, NV. With eEmpACT V17, staffing firms can access their front office including additional employee onboarding information as well as process payroll, electronic billing, and accounting GL/AP activities, all from a single system.

“We live in a world that is constantly on-the-go. Never before has the need to conduct business without paper been greater for staffing firms,” says Steve Taylor, CEO and President of Bond-US. “eEmpACT V17 provides the ultimate in onboarding workflow for staffing firms of any size. That directly translates to increased sales, improved client services and enhanced profits.”

Highlights from Bond’s eEmpACT V17 for commercial staffing firms include:

  • Paperless Onboarding
    • From I-9 and W-4 to direct deposit and uniform size, eEmpACT now integrates with the Efficient Hire solution from Efficient Forms, Inc. to offer both standard and customized electronic onboarding capability.
  • Paperless Emailing of Invoices
    • Staffing firms can save time and postage expenses by generating and now emailing customer invoices right from eEmpACT.
  • Enhanced eConnect Web Portal
    • Recruiters can stay connected to their talent pools with more frequent availability updates.
    • Time approval notification enhancements will decrease approval timeframes and help ensure payroll processing is not delayed.
  • Enhanced Resume Parsing
    • Daxtra Resume Parser includes more detailed candidate profiles for improved matching capability.
  • Operational Enhancements
    • Direct customer feedback has contributed towards extensive enhancements in V17 that streamline front and back office processes including new reports for checkbook reconciliation and GL transaction details, options to keep checks to vendors separated per invoice, increased GL account visibility, mass assign and much more.

Staffing firms come under constant pressure to operate more efficiently, effectively and accurately – and stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether in the office, at home or on the run, eEmpACT V17 staffing software will enable them to successfully run their business operations without paper.

Adds Steve Taylor: “Bond is dedicated to delivering the most reliable, flexible and scalable technology infrastructure to empower businesses to develop and manage global workforces and sustain a long-term competitive advantage”.

For more information on Bond eEmpACT staffing software or to schedule a demonstration, call 800-318-4983.

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Get the Best TCO/ROI from Your Deployment Choice for Staffing or Recruiting Software

Recruiting software executive On-Demand Software as a Service? Enterprise Self Hosting? Managed Services? Your decision on HOW you deploy your recruiting or staffing software can mean the difference between dollars saved or dollars wasted.

When you begin looking at new recruiting software or staffing software to solve business problems and improve your operations, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in comparing features, benefits, bells, whistles, prices and costs of the different offerings. However, the method you choose to deploy your new staffing or recruiting software throughout your organization plays a big role in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of that software, as well as its return on investment (ROI) for you.

So, how do you go about choosing the best recruiting software deployment method for your firm?

In this article we’ll briefly compare the pros and cons of the three staffing and recruiting software deployment methods available to help guide your decision-making process on this critical subject.

Enterprise Staffing and Recruiting Software Deployment

Enterprise software deployment is the most traditional method of deploying recruiting software or staffing software throughout an organization. Enterprise (sometimes called self-hosting) deployment means that you buy the software as a licensed product and purchase and own all the hardware, servers, power systems, backup systems, communications, and other infrastructure at your location. You are completely responsible for hiring and supporting IT staff to handle the ongoing maintenance of your hardware, software, and infrastructure. In addition, you’ll pay for staffing and recruiting software maintenance and support from your vendor, which typically runs about 20% of the software license cost, each year.

These costs add up over time. Research firm, Gartner, estimates that the annual cost to own and manage traditional “on-premise” staffing and recruiting software applications can be up to four times the initial purchase price.

Ownership of the software license and the IT infrastructure gives you some clear advantages in some areas. Specifically, you have complete control over your data and its management at all times. This may be an important consideration, especially where certain regulatory compliance issues are involved. Also, if your firm already has an experienced IT staff and infrastructure in place, you can leverage those resources to add another mission-critical application to their plate to support and maintain. What’s more, if extensive customizations, configurations and integrations are necessary, then Enterprise staffing and recruiting software deployment may have an edge for your staffing and recruiting business.

Despite those advantages, Enterprise staffing and recruiting software has some definite drawbacks as well.

One of the disadvantages is cost. You’ll have far greater upfront costs to deploy an Enterprise application. Everything from the software license to the hardware, IT staff and related costs are higher. While these costs are somewhat mitigated over time, the TCO for Enterprise applications is significantly higher than that of SaaS applications.

In the end, according to research by the Forrester Group, Enterprise applications deliver the most effective TCO only in larger firms with 250 or more users who have specific and well-defined strategic needs for on-premise software deployment.

Managed Services Staffing and Recruiting Software Deployment

Managed Services recruiting and staffing software deployment offers you a hybrid approach to staffing and recruiting software deployment. It delivers software to you using SaaS-like on-demand technology, using software you license/own on servers you license or own. The difference is that your software and hardware are hosted, supported and maintained by your vendor at their location.

Managed Services hardware used for your staffing and recruiting software may be a dedicated physical server or a more efficient virtual private server or VPS. A virtual private server (also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of partitioning a physical computer server into many servers using software such that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

Managed Services deployment offers you the tax benefits of ownership combined with fixed costs for hardware and expert IT software support and maintenance. In fact, a Managed Services recruiting software deployment is often done through a state-of-the-art data center with support and infrastructure resources far beyond the capabilities of all but the largest organization, adding an additional level of security and assurance. These fixed costs replace the variable costs and related administrative burdens of employing your own internal IT staff along with hardware and other IT-related expenses.

These factors help Managed Services recruiting software deployment deliver improved TCO over Enterprise deployments. As a result, Managed Services deployments can be effectively implemented in firms with 25 or more users.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Staffing and Recruiting Software Deployment

Also called On-Demand software, SaaS employs a subscription-based model; you subscribe to the recruiting software, which resides on servers owned and operated by your software vendor at their location. SaaS differs from the Application Service Provider offerings of just a few years ago, as SaaS software applications are designed to leverage Web integration and communications technologies and standards. You use the staffing and recruiting software over an Internet connection while your vendor is responsible for any and all ongoing hardware and software maintenance.

As a staffing and recruiting software deployment method, SaaS offers some very clear advantages over both Enterprise and Managed Services deployments. Especially for smaller firms with fewer than 100 users.

Chief among those advantages is cost. SaaS recruiting software is all-inclusive, with software, hardware, support, infrastructure and maintenance costs all rolled into the cost. Software subscribers can be added or deleted as needed, as market demands or economic conditions change. Further, SaaS software implementations can be performed quickly, and upgrades are automatic, which increases the speed with which SaaS applications can deliver business benefits. In fact, the ROI payoff, according to some research, is between 12 and 24 months.

Modern SaaS applications are also competing head-to-head with Enterprise applications in terms of customizability and integration capabilities, further enhancing their ROI and TCO. At the same time, they are able to offer higher levels of data security and control than is commonly available to smaller firms.

Perhaps most significantly, SaaS recruiting and staffing software deployments virtually eliminate IT administrative burdens that are often the “Achilles heel” for smaller firms with fast-growth potential. With these clear advantages, it is not surprising that a recent survey of companies by the Aberdeen Group found that 70% were looking at or planning to use SaaS.

Conclusion – and the winner is…

While the business needs of each staffing and recruiting firm can vary widely, the growing body of research on software deployment methods suggests this rule of thumb:

  • Under 100 users – SaaS offers the best TCO/ROI.
  • 100 to 200 users – SaaS or Managed Services offers good TCO/ROI and flexibility.
  • 200 or more users – Managed Services or Enterprise deployment may offer the best combination of TCO/ROI and use of existing IT resources.

In the final analysis, the method you choose for staffing and recruiting software deployment represents only one factor that can effect your TCO/ROI. The main rule still applies: your software must increase revenue, save money or save time. If the recruiting software or staffing software chosen cannot be quantified (explicit ROI) or rationalized (implicit ROI) to one or more of these, it should not be deployed.

Fortunately, Bond International Software, Inc.  offers all three deployment methods for all of our software products. You can select the software deployment method that you believe is best for your firm. If you would like to talk to us about how our solutions can improve your business, CLICK to learn more or give us a call at 800-318-4983 today. We’re here to help you succeed.


RESOURCE: Forrester: ROI of SaaS on Premise

Happy Anniversary Bond! Where Has The Year Gone?

July 15th marked the anniversary of the announcement of the merging of our three US based operations, Adapt in Richmond VA, eEmpACT in Minneapolis and VCG in Atlanta.  While the last year has been challenging the company has achieved and in some circumstances exceeded most of its goals.  Thanks to all of our dedicated employees for helping us to make the progress we have.

While it is hard to believe that it has been a year since the announcement it is interesting to look back and see what we have accomplished, here are a few of the more notable achievements:

  • We reorganized the company to take advantage of the deep talent and knowledge within the organization and improve our delivery and support processes and teams.
  • We have revamped our development processes focusing on high quality and on-time delivery and we are seeing great results.
  • We launched a new website highlighting our flagship products.
  • We reorganized our support group and have seen our satisfaction numbers improve month over month.
  • Our new Account Management team is up and running and engaging with our customers to insure that they have all the information they need on utilizing our great products as well as helping them achieve their product usage goals.
  • We have rolled out a new, integrated phone system, email system and network which ties the company together as one.
  • There have been several significant new product releases for Adapt, eEmpACT and Staffsuite with more on the horizon following our new Product Management methodologies.
  • We have a new, enthusiastic sales team who are learning the products and representing the company in a professional manner selling what we can deliver.
  • We achieved ISO27001 certification, the first staffing software company to do this.
  • And let’s not forget the cross training that has taken place across the entire organization to get our product knowledge shared.

We are not done yet and will continue to strive to make Bond-US the #1 choice of staffing companies for their staffing and recruiting software needs.

Many thanks to our customers that have faith in us to do the right thing for them.  We appreciate our customers and value their support.


Bond International Software Inc. Sets the Bar for Staffing Software Industry with ISO Data Security Accreditation

Extending ISO 27001 accreditation throughout its entire U.S. business, Bond demonstrates its commitment to Information Security Compliance worldwide

ISO 27001 Certification achieved by Bond International SoftwareBond International Software Inc., the global provider of recruiting and staffing software and services, has been accredited with the internationally recognized Information Security standard – ISO 27001. This endorsement recognizes Bond’s on-going commitment to best-in-class services and a policy of guaranteed security for all of its U.S. hosting services.

The international standard is only given to companies that fulfil and maintain specific best practice requirements for their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and associated processes. The IT systems and processes are subject to an extensive auditing process, after which they are awarded certification provided they have met the stipulated standards. The new accreditation will now apply to Bond’s entire range of staffing software hosting services in the U.S., ensuring that any sensitive client information that Bond handles is now certified as being fully secure.

Les Jones, Lead Auditor and Director of IQS UK, who oversaw the auditing process, comments, “After a detailed and thorough review of Bond’s U.S. staffing software hosting environment, along with its organization-wide procedures and policies for information security, I was pleased to conclude that Bond’s U.S. information security readily met the standards and quality to achieve full certification of ISO 27001. The company was able to easily demonstrate that the necessary systems and procedures were in place to minimize security risks. These included high levels of secure integration between internal departments and external bodies, securing physical business premises and access to computer systems and also suitable protection of sensitive data and documents.”

Steve Taylor, CEO, Bond International Software (US), adds, “Staffing firms, especially those with government sector activities, often stipulate that their suppliers must hold a formal information security certification, typically the ISO 27001 certification. Having achieved this certification in the U.S., we are now equipped to guarantee the levels of data security required by our clients and we look forward to the additional opportunities such an award will afford us on a global scale.”


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Progressive and Powerful New User Interface Improves User Productivity with Release of Bond StaffSuite 6.0 Staffing Software

Bond StaffSuite 6.0 features a completely new user interface to improve recruiting and staffing efficiency while reducing training needs for both new and experienced users

Bond StaffSuite staffing software logoBond International Software, the global leader in recruitment and staffing software, announced today a new release of Bond StaffSuite that greatly improves its ease-of-use for recruiting, sales, staffing coordinators and other users. With a completely new user interface that is instantly as familiar as many Microsoft Office® applications, StaffSuite 6.0 will enable users to quickly learn to perform all of their daily tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

User-Centric Design Offers Staffing Professionals Greater Control and Configuration Options

In a world becoming used to sophisticated applications whose power is easily accessed by user-centric interfaces, Bond delivers an equally powerful user experience with StaffSuite 6.0 staffing software. The new interface is designed with its intended users – staffing professionals in high-volume staffing offices — in mind at all times. As a result, StaffSuite 6.0 delivers a host of benefits to staffing software end users that include:

  • Easy User Interface: A simplified user interface is easier to use, reduces clicks and speeds data entry while reducing training requirements.
  • User-Configured Experience: An easily user-configured personal view of their data that can be specific to their preferences and/or roles, such as recruiting, sales, or payroll and billing.
  • Configurable Ribbon Toolbar: The new ribbon toolbar is easy to learn and use while giving users the ability to quickly access key data such as Employee, Company, Order, etc. Custom tabs can be added to the ribbon that can include personalized, customizable actions, such as adding a tab for typical pay/bill activities.
  • Configurable Quick Access Toolbar: The new Quick Access Toolbar is similarly easy to learn and use and fully customizable.
  • Intuitive Icons and Keyboard Shortcuts: Easily recognizable icons enable users to initiate actions with a single click; plus, users can assign keyboard shortcuts to commands to reduce clicks or keystrokes.

User Interface Ease of Use Increases Performance in High-Volume Staffing Companies

Since its introduction StaffSuite has become the dependable fully-integrated staffing software of choice for progressive high-volume, multi-discipline staffing companies. With powerful front-office functionality and precise back-office payroll and billing, the new release of StaffSuite 6.0 extends its capabilities for management, including:

  • Reducing training time and related support expenses for staff while minimizing disruption of staffing business operations due to StaffSuite’s ease-of-use.
  • Improving efficiency through easy mass activity management and shortcuts, such as full integration for automated voice and text messaging, enabling staff to accomplish more tasks, fill orders, and respond to customers with less effort within StaffSuite staffing software.
  • Powerful Query Builder and Activity Workflow Builder enabling you and your staff to perform effectively and consistently to deliver superior customer service.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc. said, “Owners of high-volume staffing businesses are looking for ways to improve their profits in what is still a very tough market. We are confident that the intuitive new user interface in this release of Bond’s reliable StaffSuite front and back-office staffing software solution helps achieve this. StaffSuite 6.0, with its ease-of-use, scalability, precision payroll, and organizational workflows are exactly what our customers need to grow revenues and maintain tight cost controls.”

To learn more about StaffSuite 6.0 and these new enhancements and benefits to your staffing firm:


About Bond International Software

Bond Adapt Recruiting Software Wins $4 Million Contract

Bond International Software wins a contract with one of Japan’s leading temporary staffing agencies to implement Bond Adapt recruiting software.

Bond International Software plc, the specialist provider of software for the international recruitment and human resources industries, is pleased to announce it has won a contract with one of Japan’s leading temporary staffing agencies. This project is to provide licenses and services as well as ongoing support and is worth $4 million over 5 years.

The contract includes development of systems and configuration to support Japanese labour law requirements. The system will incorporate the Adapt Staffing suite including front office, timesheets, and invoicing. It will manage a recruitment team of over 1000 personnel spread across 20 offices in Japan and pay approximately 35,000 temporary staff  per month.

The Company has been operating in Japan since 2009, and has worked with predominantly international recruitment firms. This will be the largest project with a Japanese staffing agency.

Commenting on the contract win, Chief Executive Steve Russell, said: “This contract win is a great example of our market leading software and continued expansion across geographies. The new system also demonstrates Bond’s flexibility in its products and services.”

For further information, please contact:

Bond International Software plc:Tel: 01903 707070
Steve Russell: Group Chief Executive
Bruce Morrison: Group Finance Director
Buchanan:Tel: 0207 466 5000
Tim Thompson
Nicola Cronk
Gabriella Clinkard
Cenkos Securities Limited:Tel: 020 7397 8900
Stephen Keys

Staffing and Recruiting Industry Trade Shows Offer Opportunities to Learn, Leverage, and Lead

Discover performance enhancing ideas, concepts, management principals, systems and more at fall industry trade shows.

Just as the leaves begin to change colors in the fall, so, too, do many staffing and recruiting professionals begin making their final plans on how many of the industry trade shows and conferences to attend. There are many opportunities this fall for you to engage with your peers and learn from experts from both within and outside of the industry.

And Bond International Software, Inc., the world leader in staffing and recruiting software, will be at many of the conferences to enable you to talk to see the latest in our class-leading technologies. Here, then, is a brief overview of where, when, and what you’ll be able to see.

TempNet Fall Conference: Sept. 12-15, Burlington, VT. Bond U.S.’s President and CEO, Steve Taylor, will be on hand at this fall conference of independent staffing owners to handle keynote introductions and meet with our many customers who are members of the organization. Sessions cover a variety of topics such as industry trends, management practices, and more. Details: http://www.tempnet.org

National Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference: Sept. 19-22, San Antonio, TX. This conference is geared primarily to the needs of recruiters and contingent staffing agencies and features sessions led by many well-known industry consultants. Bond will be exhibiting, with focused demonstrations on its highly configurable Adapt recruiting software. Details: http://www.recruitinglife.com

Staffing World (The American Staffing Association): Oct. 9-11, Las Vegas, NV. The big Kahuna of staffing and recruiting conferences, Staffing World draws an average of nearly 1,000 staffing and recruiting professionals to its annual event. With big-name speakers such as Jim Collins and Liz Wiseman, Staffing World is THE place to find out where the industry is going and discover techniques and systems to help you lead the way. Bond will be exhibiting at booth 801, demonstrating all of its powerful staffing and recruiting software solutions. Details: http://americanstaffing.net/events/staffingworld12/index.cfm

TechServe Alliance Annual Conference: Nov. 8-10, Miami, FL. Focused on the special and unique needs of technical staffing and recruiting agencies, the TechServe Alliance conference features a range of sessions and keynote speakers to aid attendees develop their business. Bond’s exhibit will be focused primarily on demonstrating its powerful and flexible Adapt recruiting software. Details: http://www.techservealliance.org/conference2012/index.cfm

What will Bond be showing?

First, you’ll have the opportunity to see the latest version of Bond Adapt. In this release there were major integrations to Bond Adapt recruiting software to enhance internet job distribution options and social media marketing to dramatically improve a recruiter’s efficiency and productivity.

Second, you could take a look at the new release of Bond eEmpACT. The Version 17 release enables staffing firms to boost the productivity of their operation using one staffing software solution that includes both online onboarding and electronic invoicing.

Third, there is the most recent release of Bond StaffSuite for you to investigate. Bond StaffSuite 6.0 features a powerful and progressive all-new user interface to improve user efficiency while reducing training needs for both new and experienced users.

We hope you’ll take the time to drop by one of these conferences and visit with us to see how one of our powerful, flexible, and precise staffing and recruiting software solutions might fit your business needs and help you drive greater efficiency and profits in your business.

Can’t wait? If you would like advance product information today, just CLICK>>

Industry Tradeshow Attendees to ‘Kick the Tires’ On Bond’s New Recruiting & Staffing Software

Enabling recruiting and staffing firms to cost-effectively handle today’s changing employment labor market, Bond International Software will demonstrate the latest releases of its popular recruiting and staffing software at the NAPS Conference, ASA Staffing World 2012 and TechServe Alliance Conference

Bond International Software, the global leader in recruiting software, is offering personalized software demonstrations at three major recruiting and staffing industry conferences this fall. Industry conferences are great ways for staffing and recruiting professionals to learn how to work more efficiently and ‘kick the tires’ on software tools that can improve their individual and business performance. The short demonstrations will show how Bond’s flexible, scalable, and reliable software provides tangible, cost-effective benefits to staffing and recruiting firms.

New Bond recruiting and staffing software releases focus on value and productivity

Bond Adapt Recruitign SoftwareThe latest version of Bond Adapt recruiting software features major integrations that enhance Adapt’s internet job distribution options to dramatically improve a recruiter’s efficiency and productivity.

Bond eEmpACT Staffing SoftwareThe newest release of Bond eEmpACT enables staffing firms to boost the productivity of their operation using one staffing software solution that includes both online onboarding and electronic invoicing.

Bond StaffSuite staffing softwareThe most recent release of Bond StaffSuite offers users a powerful and progressive all-new user interface to improve user efficiency while reducing training needs for both new and experienced users.

Bond attends trade shows where its new solutions are demonstrated

The first conference that Bond US will attend this fall is the NAPS Annual Conference September 19 – 22 at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio. It features an extensive list of speakers, including the owner of Hobson Associates Danny Cahill, among others. In addition, industry experts will host breakout sessions covering topics such as growing a recruiting firm and encouraging “million dollar habits”.

Next, Bond US is a major exhibitor at ASA Staffing World 2012, hosted October 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Booth 801. ASA Staffing World features three industry thought leaders – Jim Collins, Liz Wiseman, Simon Mainwaring, as well as a number of workshops on topics such as compensation, sales strategies, and marketing tactics.

Later this fall, Bond demonstrates at the TechServe Alliance Conference, November 8 – 10 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.  Professionals attending can expect a wide offering of daylong workshops, presentations from industry experts, and a number of executive, sales, and recruiting breakout sessions.

“The recruiting and staffing industry is going through significant challenges right now – with strong temporary staffing recruiting growth being tempered by the need to only invest in proven solutions that deliver a strong return. The recruiting and staffing software Bond provides will illustrate how our solutions can help staffers and recruiters locate talent, streamline their processes and reduce operating costs in a way unique to each firm,” said Tim Giehll, Bond US Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer. “Companies looking to gain an edge on the competition and position themselves as a marketplace leader are encouraged to come out and visit us at one of these upcoming events.”

Those interested in registering for a recruiting and staffing software demonstration from Bond International Software may register online at the following URL: http://www.bond-us.com/resources


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