Bond Staffing and Recruiting Software Provides Powerful Solutions for Managing the Affordable Care Act

Bond staffing and recruiting software enhancements enable staffing companies to manage Affordable Care Act compliance within a single unified system to provide the greatest efficiency with lowest administrative overhead.

Bond International Software, the global staffing, recruitment, HR and Payroll specialist, announced that upcoming releases of its world-class cloud-based staffing and recruiting software products will offer additional support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to minimize the administrative burden of ACA-related tracking and documentation for staffing companies.

With the Affordable Care Act mandate driving a new and extensive list of tracking and documentation requirements for employers, staffing and recruiting companies need a way to effectively manage these requirements within their fast-paced, high-volume business environment. Importantly, they must do so without creating or significantly increasing costly overheads.

In response Bond International Software, Inc. has developed a unified staffing and recruiting software solution that provides the capability to manage ACA compliance while minimizing administrative expenses. Bond’s single system combines tracking eligibility and coverage dates, documenting communications with employees, processing payroll data, and delivering consolidated reporting for operational and governmental requirements for ACA administration.

Due to pending legislation and the proposed regulations challenging the staffing industry, Bond understands the importance of providing the flexibility needed today — as well as continued recruiting technology changes for the future. Therefore, in addition to the staffing and recruiting software enhancements already implemented by Bond that are specific to the Affordable Care Act, ongoing updates for ACA administration will be provided within Bond’s established product release cycles to support these evolving requirements.

ACA-Related Enhancements for Bond AdaptSuite Front and Back Office Staffing and Recruiting Software:

  • Capability to track full-time employees that qualify for healthcare, employees who accept or decline coverage and/or if they are covered by another plan, begin and end dates, and measurement periods.
  • Manage ACA Details by Corporation/Tax Group by Calendar Year including Long Term Assignment and Eligible Hour thresholds
  • Ability to flag wage codes as ACA Hours Eligible for inclusion in calculations
  • Perform and document specific actions that will drive workflow processes, calculations, follow-up activities, and reporting necessary for ACA Compliance

ACA-Related Enhancements for Bond Front Office Software Only:

  • Perform and document specific actions that will drive workflow processes, calculations, follow-up activities, and reporting necessary for ACA Compliance

Upcoming Enhancements for Bond Staffing and Recruiting Software:

  • Additional reporting including Activity Auditing, Healthcare Exchange Notification Reporting, and enhancements to the Full Time Employee Report
  • Necessary updates as pending legislation is finalized

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. CEO adds, “For staffing companies, managing ACA requirements efficiently is a critical regulatory necessity. These new enhancements to our products enable staffing companies to not only comply with ACA requirements, but do so in a manner that minimizes the internal administrative costs and burdens. This is a hallmark of Bond’s commitment to provide our customers with unified staffing software solutions that simplify tasks, reduce effort, and increase productivity and profits.”

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